Saturday, 26 August 2017

Edinburgh Tourist Times

Hello, this is a post written by a girl who is rather eager to head back up to Edinburgh! I had never been before, and this was my last definite opportunity to stay with Grace. So I booked the time off work and got my wee little arse up there. I must say I was totally blown away by the scenery, you could be walking down your average city road and then BOOM look to your left you would have the Crags just doing there thing. For this Norfolk girl it was totally different from anywhere I had seen before. Lets look at my tourist photos...

Victoria Street is the prettiest road building wise in Edinburgh for sure, it had independent shops on, a Harry Potter place, colourful buildings and there was a great Hog Roast shop.

On top of Calton Hill is the rather imposing National Monument of Scotland a memorial for Soldiers and Sailers in the Napoleonic Wars.
 On top of Carlton Hill you get amazing views of all around Edinburgh, and is a great option if you're not climbing Arthur's Seat.

 Holyrood Palace

Our time in the National Museum of Scotland was short, my favourite thing was all the interactive items, even though I crashed an F1 car, because I thought I was better than the small children using it!

The Underbelly was such a cool venue, with lots of lights and places to hang out.

Thanks for popping by!

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