Monday, 29 September 2014

The Black Skater Skirt | 3 Ways

Hello! I am very excited about this post. It features some of the items from last weeks haul. Following a Vivianna style wardrobe tidy out I found I was missing a few bits and pieces, a black skater skirt was on that list. So I hopped onto ebay and search black skater skirt and before I knew it I was the proud owner of a black skater skirt. This one was originally from Topshop, it still had the tags on it. So I got a half price skirt including postage. I am now going to show you how it is such a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe. 

Look 1 - Night Out
For this outfit I paired it with a burgandy coloured cami from Topshop last year. 
Chucked over my trusty leather jacket.
And my trusty Topshop heeled Chealsea boots.

I like this outfit because it is simple and quite classy. Perfect for cocktails at a bar with you girl friends.

Look 2 - Layered Autumnal
The basics of this outfit is black crop with the skirt, then my new tartan shirt put on top of that.
Then adding my fave denim jacket.
I think this outfit is pretty darn perfect for autumn, you can even add more layers, maybe a hoody or a loose waist coat, or leather gilet, before your really want to be adding a coat to your outfit. Its not quite winter yet!

Look 3 - Fluffy Jumper
As I said in my last post I really freaking like a fluffy jumper! With this outfit I like the simplicity and cosyness of it, I also love the contrast between the pale blue and the lip colour I am wearing, which if you're interested is Rebel from MAC. Topshop also have this jumper in pink, I am not considering it... or am I!?

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Friday, 26 September 2014

Blogging | My Thoughts


I have been blogging on and off for nearly 3 years mainly off for the first year. I may not be the biggest blogger and that would've bothered me when I first started because I wanted the whole world to know about me. So much has changed since then, and I feel like a completely different person I was barely 17 when I started and now I am 20 which is entirely crazy in its self. When I first started out for me it was all about NOTD's (nail of the days) and Wishlists (which I still do monthly), but one thing I really have started to LOVE is writing and expressing myself. I sometimes feel that the type of posts I started to do were shallow and not interesting. Reading back on my blog, for me the posts which are most interesting are the more thought out longer posts, which give me a feeling of who was at the time. I guess what I am trying to say is that the posts I used to 'write' regularly were because I thought that was what people wanted to see, and they did not want to see them. Now I prefer to write and plan posts which are more effort, more creative and are harder... whether they're what people want to see or not, as I find it more fulfilling, and it makes me want to carry on, rather than give up. After all I want to look back and feel proud of what I have published on the internet, who ever you are who might be reading this post.

I must be getting old being all reflective like this.

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Clothing Haul | Ebay, Topshop...

Hello! With a change of seasons, there is need for some new clothing bits and bobs. Clothing wise I always find autumn/winter a more exciting time because layering and beeing snuggly is back in. I really like knitwear and you simply can't be wearing it in warmer months. I'll leave my favourite new thing for last.

This is a black skater skirt, as you can see. After sorting through my wardrobe, I found a lack of black skater in there. I think this is because after my GCSE's ended I said I didn't want to end up in too much black. A few years later, I think black is starting to creep back into my life. When I am stuck on what to wear at the moment this is what I chuck on, perfect for wondering around town, or for job interviews, balancing elegantly on the line between smart and casual.

I wasn't looking for a leather (look) skirt, I just saw it and well I had this. My main problem if there is a place for a crease this skirt will find one. I still love it though, being leather and the a-symmetrical cut make it that little bit different and more interesting to style.

My Mummy got me this little number, she'd known I had been admiring skorts for a long while, and with my Birthday approaching she bought me this. I never think to look in New Look, just because I find its hit and miss. Now I keep looking on the website they have lots of bits and pieces I have really liked, when I get some money I might just have to pay them a visit.

I had seen these jumpers in Topshop, I have a weakness for fluffy jumpers it was bound to happen, I wanted it. Thank god for Birthdays! This is a little different to the classic dark colours of A/W but with this season Blue is definitely kicking around and I really like this a lot.

One of the best places to get Shirts from I find is Jack Wills, however it is not the best place because they are so freaking pricey! You will find the best place is Ebay and searching 'Jack Wills Shirt', they usually go for between £10-£20 which is an extremely reasonable when you can buy a new shirt in Topshop for upwards of £30. This is a really nice thick cotton, which is going to be a welcome cosy layer for someone who feels the cold greatly.

I have previously mentioned I have a problem, I really freaking like white t-shirts. But this one is different, it is the whitest of my white t-shirts, there is no pattern or image. Oh and it has a V neck so is very different for me. Just need to get a bra to wear so that you can't see it underneath, then this will be worn alot, with any of the above items.

The Boots

I have been lusting after Docs for so, so long. They come with such heritage, like you are buying into a piece of history. The design and manufacturing processes haven't change in the 50 odd years the company have been about. Docs are a sturdy ol boot, these are just going to last me for years and years. I went for the 6 hole design because I feel they look less in your face, and a bit 'cuter' I suppose, I'm not really all that edgey!

I'm so excited to style these, expect some Outfit of the Day posts quite soon!

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Monday, 22 September 2014

West Side Story

Hello, I think its about time for a stagey blog post, I haven't done one for ages, and I really had quite the stagiest time.

The Workshop
My West Side Story tickets had been booked for months. Then just over a week before I was due to see it at the Theatre I saw a status on facebook saying 'Dancing Theatre People' with details of a dance workshop with members of the cast, I certainly was not going to say no. On Sunday 7th September I turned up at Limelight Studios Norwich, way too early and really excited. The cast members we had were Danielle Cato who was a Jet girl and Sergio Giacomelli who played Bernardo when I saw it.
Following a warm up we learnt the dance break from America, Jerome Robbins' original choreography. I think my favourite move was the backwards chicken, I called it that, you'll see what I mean if you watch it. 
After this the guys did a Q and A for us. One thing I found interesting was the process to get 'The Dance at the Gym' right. The dancers all had the choreography down, but the tension between the Jets and Sharks was lacking. In order to get this, both sides literally had to shout abuse at each other, which resulted in members of the cast crying. Following exercises like this the tension for the dance came across giving the feeling the director wanted.
For clips from the workshop, look on the Limelight Studios Facebook page

The Show

My Review
I went to see West Side Story on Friday 12th September, and its almost embarrassing how excited I was, but I will give you a hint... I was very excited. I had studied WSS in both Dance and Performance Studies, so I knew the ins and outs. West Side Story to me is timeless despite being over 50 years old, it doesn't feel like its off another time. Robbins' choreography has barely been touched minus a few higher legs and longer extensions.
One of my favourite things in the theatre is when, there is a highly tense moment and the audience is in stunned silence, and there is minimal movement on the stage. This happened *spoiler alert* just before Tony gets shot and it was only him and Maria on stage, afterwards the whole cast slowly appears on stage to see what had happened. Moments like that whether you are in the audience, or on stage are just simply magical. One of the many reasons  I love the theatre.
Highlights for me have to include the Quintet, all 5 parties are anticipating the Rumble, whether it was the orchestral score or the whole cast appearing at a variety of levels on the tenement buildings on the side of the stage, ugh just superb. America a feisty Latin style danced by the Puerto Rican girls, it was so exciting to see the piece of choreography I had previously learnt. I am going to limit myself to one more highlight... a quick mention for Katie Hall's voice who played Maria, it was beautiful. My final highlight is the Dream Ballet the dancers all in white were stunning, it was almost magical. Imagery wise it going to stick in my brain for a long while.
I would just like to add why was there not a standing ovation?! I really wanted to stand, Singin' in the Rain got one, and my opinion West Side Story was a far better piece of theatre.
Unfortunately Norwich was the last stop on the UK tour. If you can see West Side Story I insist that you do, its part of musical theatre history and was ground breaking at its conception.

Tess' Review
I really love West Side Story, it was my first time seeing the play. I'd seen the film a couple of times and listened to the soundtrack a lot. It was really exciting to see it. It was really fantastic, exciting, funny and very emotional.
Somewhere was particularly amazing, the Dream Ballet, really beautiful and moving. Especially when I remember it was written in 1957, I find it striking and unusual how brave it was.
I absolutely loved it, Maria's singing was really strong, really powerful, managing to capture the Spanish accent and emotion.
A fantastic night, the audience really loved it, the atmosphere was amazing 9/10

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Friday, 19 September 2014

Heat Free Crimped/Curly Hair

Hello! I have been meaning to write this post for the longest time, ever since my hairdresser asked what hair tool I used to get my hair so wavey and was surprised when I said there was no heat involved.

Providing you can french plait (post here) this is very easy.

Begin with wet freshly washed hair.

Divide into two, parting doesn't matter.

French plait each side.

Leave over night.

Unplait each side.

The BOOM curly hair!

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Urban Decay Makeover

Hello! It was my Birthday on Sunday, one of my presents was a makeover/tutorial at the Urban Decay counter with their lovely MUA Heather. She talked me through each of the steps as she went through them, and I got to try loads of products I wouldn't have dreamt of being able to try otherwise (woo unemployment!) such as the Naked foundation which I had previously heard about on beauty blogs. I also picked up some tips especially for eyeliner, which I am a total noob at *please welcome Queen Eyeliner Noob*, if you apply eyeshadow before, follow the line of the which you have created, you have increased your chances of getting it right!

Heather's Kit, that got my pulse racing all of them beautiful products , oh gosh!
 Cue many interesting facial expressions of myself as I am beautified.

 The finished article, complete with strange facial expression hahaha!
ps my brows were equal, mine just likes to casually raise itself, but not when I want it to
This was such a luxurious experience, what's better than having your make up done for you?! 

I would have been so pleased with just the makeover, but I also got a voucher so I could also buy some of the make up! Literally so generous, you know who you are you little munchkin.
As you can see I got the Naked 3 palette, which is the naked palette with the more pinky tones, I chose this because the selection of colours is totally different than any I have in my collection already, plus they are all so darn pretty!! I think I am going to get the most use out of the shades Factory, Liar and Buzz, but who knows. And also the Naked  Flushed Palette in Streak, which contains a bronzer (the first one I have ever owned) which is totally matte and not too dark for my pale skin, a highlighter in a shimmery pink, then a gorgeous peachy pink blusher. I just know I am going to get tonnes of use out of these lovely products. 
If you're into make up, even a little bit go and pop to your local counter, so many goodies to feast your eyes on!

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Monday, 15 September 2014

Afternoon Tea

Hello! I have been wanting to host Afternoon Tea at my house for my friends for such a long while, then finally a couple of weeks ago I got around to it. Baking 3 different things turned out to be quite the juggling act, but despite the chaotic kitchen experience somehow all the bakes turned out fine #hallejuah! The Brownies were up there with the best I'd ever made, just the right balance of gooeyness, without being under baked. I used Vivianna's Lemon Drizzle Cake recipe, and they were so tasty. Finally I challenged myself to Macarons, there is an important note her... Macarons and Macaroons are not the same. Macarons are the pretty ones you see in french patiseries made with ground almonds, then Macaroons are made with Coconut. WHO FREAKING KNEW?


For my Brownies I used the same recipe that I used to make my Creme Egg Brownies, recipe Here. I This time for decoration I just sprinkled ALOT of icing sugar on them, icing sugar makes everything look awesome! Can you see the darker layer of gooeyness, ugh perfection!

Lemon Drizzle Cake

I'm going to let you into a secret, I forgot to add the baking powder, I thought my life was over pretty much but they turned out fine so there was no need to worry at all. I think this is my new favourite recipe for Lemon cake, the sponge was so soft and springey, and ooh the lemony goodness was just spot on for me.


I made these bad boiis in the evening, I was not in the mood, I had the ingredients so I pulled through. The making of the mixture was fine, it was frustrating trying to get all the little halves to look the perfect shape, so I went a more mishapen look to all of them. The really difficult bit was sandwiching them together, they were just so flimsy and breakable; this was not helped by catching up with Bake Off as there tenseness and panic was rubbing off on me a little bit. Recipe wise I used a few different ones as mixed them up, but I just googled Macaron Recipe and some came up, so if you fancy making them find a recipe that works for you!

At the end pretty much everything was gone, a sign that it was well enjoyed by everyone!

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Monday, 8 September 2014

Kim Kardashian | Celebrity Hairstyles

Hello! As quite a few people will know I am a fan of the Kardashians, I don't care what people think an it is the pinnacle 'guilty pleasure' TV. The Kardashian's are generally know for their sleek black hair straightened in a middle parting with a nude or red lip, but sometimes they like to mix things up and this week I am focussing on Kim.

*side note a round of applause for my roots please*

Look 1 Thailand Plaits
Apologies as the lighting quality decreases throughout the post!
What you will need: 3 Small Hair bands, preferably clear
Step 1

Start by dividing the front of your Hair into 3 Sections, making sure you have the most hair in the middle section.
Step 2

Back comb the front of the middle section.
Step 3

Starting with the front section French plait each section... use my tutorial here.
Step 4

You can either plait all the way down to the end, or stop and secure when you have finished adding in sections.

Look 2 Givenchy Party, Centre Parting Plaits

You will need: Hair Grips (minimum of about 6, 3 for each side but feel free to go crazy)
This style is created by 2 Dutch Plaits, which is essentially a reverse french plait. This is perhaps my favourite Kim hairstyle, I wore it for our End of School Dinner and cue selfie. If you don't know how to do this I shall do my best to explain with words and pictures. Lets go...

Step 1

Divide your hair into 3 sections. Leaving the back section alone.

Step 2

Starting with one side. Take 3 small sections near the back of your divide on your head.

Step 3

Take section 2 and move it over the top of section 1.

Step 4

This becomes the new section 1. To that section add more hair from the front.

Step 5

Then take section 2 and move it over the top of section 3.

Step 6

This then becomes the new section 3. To that section add more hair this time coming from the back.

Step 7

Repeat steps 3-7

Step 8

Plait the hair down nearly to the ends. Then grip in place behind your ear, being sure that it is bobbly side down on the grip and so they can't be seen.

Step 9

Unplait the ends.

Step 10

Repeat the whole process on the other side.

Do you have any more suggestions for celebrities? See my Cara post here.

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