Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Wishlist #4

1. This lovely little number is from the Topshop Petite Section (as you will notice I like topshop just a little!). I have wanted a denim shirt type dress for quite a while, this maybe because I think I had one when I was little. I really really don't want to grow up so this dress and I seem like the perfect fit.

2. Recently I have felt that my wardrobe is a little too full of baggy t-shirts, and I feel I need  a few more girly girl items in my wardrobe. This top is from the Hollister 'So Cal Pretty' Section on their website. I really like the lace covering it, and well basically I want it, what more is there to say!!

3. I saw this the other day in accessorize, and it immediately caught my eye. I love anything with animals on it. I have too many tops with Cats on, 1 Rabbit top, Swan Leggings, a deer necklace and a snake ring. This necklace is so pretty, I wouldn't mind adding it to my collection.

4. Finally on my list is this Coral Shirt, again this is a departure from t-shirts, I just adore the colour of it, and it would look lovely with a good ol' pair of jeans!!


Friday, 24 August 2012

Recent Purchases

I haven't had too much money this holiday (been spending it on driving lessons mehh), But I have managed to get a few bits and bobs, without spending too much!!!

My first couple of items are these socks from New Look, there were so many different options to go for. As you can see on my chosen socks left to right, cute lamb with button for a nose, hedgehogs and penguins. These are 3 for £4, which is half of topshop's offer 3 for £8 so obviously they are alot cheaper, and I am praying that these beauts don't show the price difference!!

Next up are some cute hooks from a cute shop called Creativity in Sheringham. Once my Dad puts them up, I will use them to hang necklaces from. I think they were something like £7.50 so fairly good value there.

Finally are these lovely earrings from accessorize (Gems, Hearts). As my friends will know I recently got my ears pierced, or as my brother calls them holes in your ears. I have been waiting ssoo long to get them done. Naturally I was desperate to buy some earrings.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Cake, cake, cake

Hello! As you can see in my little info section I have said I love baking. In this post I am going to show you bakes which I have made in the last year. I don't bake as often as I would like to because I am very good at piling on the pounds!!

My First Bake - Fruit Flan. I made this in one of my first food tech lessons all the way back in year 8. It wasn't that amazing, buy hey here you go!

Battenburg Cake (this icing was rank, but looked cool) 
My nan's birthday cake from this year.
Red Velvet Cake (first attempt) this is not a pretty sight, but they tasted okay.
Just some cute buns
EASTER CAKE! This has to be my most ambitious design to date, and was made totally on whim, due to boredom.
Ombre cake. I was quite pleased with this one. But round the back there's a bit of naked cake where I ran out of icing oops.
Victoria Sponge, I didn't have any icing sugar :/
Chocolate Brownie Cake, ooft heaven on a plate omnomnom <3 p="p">
Bakewell cupcakes, these were made on The Great British Bake Off by Hollie last year and they were delicious!!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Wishlist #3 more clothes...

1. Yes Jack Wills has now made an appearance. Jack Wills is a guilty pleasure but I rarely have enough money to get anything from there (consider a single pair of knickers costs about £12.50). I personally don't own one of their hoodies but will certainly be looking out for in their winter sale.

2. As you will have seen in a previous post I am a crazy cat lady. And I need this top, it's so cute,

3. And again to prove that I'm a crazy cat lady, with this top I can mix something I love (cats) and one of this years biggest trends - galaxy print. So fashionable and personal!!

4. Now for another love of mine leggings (I currently own 4 pairs, the same amount as trousers and jeans put together). These are slightly more autumnal and will be perfect to slowly ease me into winter!!


Saturday, 18 August 2012

Cute Cakes

When it comes to my Birthday Cakes, I design them myself, and a local bakery makes up my design into a cake. Last year I had a Cath Kidston themed cake which was amazing, somehow this year I have to better it.

For some reason this hasn't come out clearly but you get the idea!!

Now I just have to decide how I want my cake to end out! Do any of you design your own birthday cakes??


Thursday, 16 August 2012

Sunshine, my lovely sunshine

This post is dedicated to my little sunshine, who brightens up the dullest of days, and makes sunny days even brighter. And my little sunshine is... My adorable cat Tibbles, who I have now had for about 3 years. Here is a collection of pictures of him from when he was a kitten, till now a 'grown up' cat. There's alot!!

Hope you enjoyed looking at pictures of my baby!!


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A Riverside Walk

Hello! Today my charming brother and I went on a walk to a local nature reserve, where I knew  there was a cute little swan family, cygnets and all. I took my camera with me, to take some pictures and I am really pleased with how they came, considering my picture taking skill level.


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Wishlist #2 Topshop

1. Okay so this dress is on my birthday list, and my birthday is coming up way to quickly for my liking! But I love this dress, it is 'dressy' enough without being overly formal, so should be easy to dress up or to dress down.

2. It appears that the dip dye and pastel trend are continuing on into the A/W collections of most high street shops. I've seen this in the shop and boy oh boy it was love at first sight, I want this jumper so bad!!

3. Now I don't know if I would actually wear this that often, if I got it. But the colour is to die for. If I have a suitable occasion to wear this for I am going to run down to my local Topshop to snatch it up.

4. I love topshop jeans, mainly because they are not made of your typical denim material which makes them 100x more comfy than your average jeans. And I also love the colour.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Big, Burning Fireball in the Sky

So over the past week we have had another small taste of summer. Which I am so pleased about, I might even be slightly tanned eekkk!!
To make the most of the lush weather I have been doing what I think are summery things. One evening me and my mum headed down to the tennis courts at the park, to release are inner Andy Murray. Would you believe we had to pay about a fiver to play on the court, I swear that when I was younger it was a couple of quid, inflation honestly! We also headed down to the local pool to release our inner Michael Phelps - lets just say we're not quite there yet ;)
My highlight of the week was a little trip to Sheringham, a little town on the North Norfolk Coast. It is definitely my favourite place to head to when the sun is a shining. It has everything you could want lovely ice cream shops ( where I had lemon meringue flavoured ice cream), loads of adorable little shops, cafes and tearooms, most importantly the beach is stunning after you have made your way over the rocks and pebbles. I should have taken a few pictures so I could show you all, but trust me it's lovely.
To finish of the week my family had a barbeque which was delicious and I ate to much. Don't you always tho!!!


Monday, 6 August 2012

Into Battle!!!!

So I have finally decided to start the battle against split ends. I am sick to death of them, and no longer have any tolerance. What is my chosen weapon I hear you call ... it is the TRESemme Heat Defence with UV filter and will apparently 'with continued use prevents upto 82% less breakage'. Is this my miracle product?? I hope so. If this actually makes any difference I will let you know asap!

(Please ignore my lack of aim with the camera :L)


Sunday, 5 August 2012


Long time no post but today I'm back, the main reason for a lack of posting is my dull and boring life where literally nothing happens. SO just a quickie today. I have been reacquainted with a very good childhood friend - Mr Nesquik Strawberry Milkshake powder!! It is literally genius, a couple of teaspoons of the stuff, some milk then BAM a lush, refreshing milkshake. If you haven't tried it, get down to the supermarket and get some!!!