Saturday, 30 January 2016

Where to Eat in Norwich #1

Hello! Now that I am back living in this fine city, I thought I should share my favourite places to go and eat. I have chosen Four places which are a nice contrast. However there are new places popping up all the time, so who knows there maybe more parts to this post.

Bill's (Back of the Inns)
I am a massive fan of Bill's, I actually have a problem. It is good for any occasion Breakfast with a friend or an evening out in a large group. There is always something on the menu people will like, guaranteed. One of my favourite things from there is the Pink Lemonade Ice Cream Float. Yum.

The Waffle House (St Giles Street)
As far as I'm aware this is one of only two in the country. My favourite thing from here is the Ham, Cheese Sauce and Mushrooms Waffle, oh my. I actually haven't been here for quite a long time, so I must fix that urgently. The food is always super tasty.

Pandora's Kitchen (London Street)
Rocky Road Hot Chocolate
This is possibly hands down my favourite cafe/coffee shop in Norwich. I love going in for a slice of cake and drink(normally tea). If you are lucky they will have an Oreo Chocolate cake in the window waiting for you. They also do great lunches and breakfasts.

Grosvenor Fish Bar (Lower Goat Lane)
Here in the UK we are famed for our Fish and Chips, if you want really good fish and chips and a really cool vibe this is the place to go.

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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

New Years Resolution 2016


At the start of last year I decided I would read 12 books, in 12 months. I'm not really a resolution kinda gal, but January was the perfect time of year to begin. January has come around again and I have achieved my goal. I have made a video all about it on my YouTube channel, here.

I have been harping on about 2015 for long enough now, so onto 2016. This year I have set myself a bigger goal *drum roll please* and that is to travel to new places, ideally to set foot on somewhere other than England. For this I am hugely inspired by the international students I met in my brief stint at University, especially Catherine. She has been to more places in the UK than I have, and I have lived her my WHOLE LIFE. Life is for living and I believe part of that is seeing and experiencing new places, really discovering what is out there.

Its something I have been dreaming about for a long while now, evident particularly in my "travel" pinterest board.

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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb Review

Hello! As soon as I got out of the bath, I wanted to write a review on Lush's best bath bomb yet. There I said it. I will repeat once for clarity. Lush's Best Bath Bomb Yet.

Key ingredients in this bath bomb are: Peppermint Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Vetivert Oil and Cedar Wood Oil.

Its is rated at 4.5 stars on Lush's website. I'm giving it a 5.

First of all look how cool it looks to start with, like some kind of egg a mystical beast is about to burst out of.

Then you put it in your bath.

And your bath turns into an other worldly spectacle. As you come to the end of the bomb, you can here little crackles from popping candy, like little mini space explosions of planets forming. There are tiny glitter particles (environmentally friendly its lush we're talking about!) sparkling like the nights sky.

Once the initial excitement of your galaxy forming in your bath is over. You are left with this gorgeous turquoise bath. The scents in this are so relaxing, I'd found I had been in the bath a little on the long side but did not want to leave so had to quickly add in more hot water, so I could enjoy it a little longer.

I cannot rave about this enough, if you are having a stressful or down day I highly recommend this to help you relax and escape your woes.

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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

2015 Favourites

Hello! I know I'm late on this one... So I thought I'd make this into a super quick post both to do and read! All these have been written about in more detail in my monthly favourites.

Soundtrack of 2015
Taylor Swift 1989
The Theory of Everything

Film of 2015
Into The Woods

TV Series of 2015
Pretty Little Liars
Downton Abbey

Books of 2015
How to fall in love by Cecelia Ahern
My Animals and Other Family by Clare Balding

Favourite Blogpost of 2015
'What Fashion Bloggers Really Wear'

Favourite Photo of 2015
Brighton Sunset

Bake of 2015
Sweet Potato Brownies

Bath Product of 2015
Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar

Make Up Item of 2015
Lip Combination Mac Soar and Mehr

Nail Polish of 2015
Barry M Red Black

Clothing Item of 2015
Pink Cat Sweater

I hope you enjoyed this super quick post!

Saturday, 16 January 2016

2015 Highlights

Hello! Its 2016, can you believe that?! For my first post back I thought I would write about my highlights from last year.

If anything feels like a lifetime ago from 2015. it has to be this way back on the 24th May. I'm not going to lie in high school I thought I was too cool for Taylor, I was wrong, so very wrong. Once 1989 was released I was a huge convert. The thought of seeing Taylor live was a hugely exciting thought. Then the time came and her performance absolutely slayed. I loved dancing along to Shake it Off like a total maniac. I still pinch myself I saw her *insert all heart eye emojis*.

I cannot tell you how long I had been waiting to see Les Mis in the West End. It is easily in my top three or so favourite musicals. I'd seen it years ago at my local theatre, but that had nothing on the real deal. Les Mis is just one of those musicals people connect with, the storyline and music sweeping you off your feet. Unlike many other shows, you walk out of the theatre in silence stunned by the beauty and the tragic sadness; not wanting to leave it too long until you see it again.

I have been fortunate enough to have seen other theatre in the last year, Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time and Shrek the musical to name a couple more.
One of my favourite days was went I went around London seeing all the land marks and then topping they day of with Curious. See my post here.

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