Saturday, 29 July 2017

Random Favourites | Summer 17

Hello! Welcome to the random portion of my favourites, which could be called my Media Favourites I guess. Enough of the rambling..

Summer is always a great time for TV, I haven't gone for any light options here, but these are all GREAT dramas.

The Handmaid's Tale
You must have been living under a rock if you haven't heard about The Handmaid's Tale. UK people its on channel 4. Its based on the 1984 Margaret Atwood, dystopian novel of the same name. It stars Elizabeth Moss, Samira Wiley and Joseph Fiennes. This is a great drama, totally chilling considering you have Donald Trump and the DUP propping up the UK government. Its an important watch, go and watch it right now!

How to Get Away with Murder
I chatted about this show last year, I have only just discovered season 2 is on Netflix and I really need to get cracking. I love any crime/law drama. It stars Viola Davis and is just so freaking good. Intense sometimes slightly unbelievable. Its one of my favourite shows.

Orange is the New Black
Is it me? or does the gap between OITNB seasons, grow and grow. I wasn't sure how they could top  the last series, which had such a powerful and horrifically sad ending when Poussey Washington. I'm not sure they topped it, but I'd certainly say they matched it.

Also on the topic of Netflix, how bloody good does the Stranger Things trailer look?!

When he sees me - Waitress
I have for sure mentioned Waitress the musical before, because it is great and you need to listen to it right now. When He Sees Me is my fave song at the moment on the soundtrack, its punchy and funny, plus its beautifully written. On the soundtrack it is sung my Kimiko Glenn (from OITNB) and boy can she sing, her comic timing is ace.

Pride Classics
Oh My God there are some absolute bangers on this playlist , the first three songs are Vogue, It's Raining Men and Born This Way. Highly highly recommend. And perfect to listen to as this post goes up as it's Norwich Pride today!

Social Media
Megan Ellaby

(image from

I really have Megan to thank for me being more creative/having a little bit more fun with style this year. She wears colour- COLOUR! What is this you ask, basically its not wearing monochrome outfits. I would have never have bought a bright red jacket, if I hadn't been inspired by her. How she styles items is quirky, but also effortlessly cool.

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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Fashion Favourites | Summer 17

Hello! As usual a lot of time has passed since my last favourites post. It's been a funny old summer, but here's what I have been loving regardless

Fashion - looking below I am very much into my trends this summer.
Let me introduce to you, my most worn item this Summer the Gingham Dress, I am obsessed with it, and will wear it multiple times in a week - and when it is in the wash, I have no clue what to wear. I also think this will transition nicely into winter, with tights, boots and a nice burgundy cardi.


Red is everywhere, literally pops and splashes of it everywhere. You can see my beloved red loafers in my gingham picture. And also this Red denim jacket which as a new edition to my wardrobe this month. Love it.

Slogan t-shirts

I have always loved a good slogan, but slogan t-shirts have exploded left, right and (you guessed it) centre. This one has to be my favourite, it just simply states Girls Rule and has a lovely rose on it. I like tucking it into a denim skirt or into a tailored trouser.

Statement earrings

If you want to add an easy bit of drama to any outfit, statement earrings are just the way to go. There are so many cray cray earrings out there, I am sure you can find the ones for you, from a large gold hoop to the fluffiest of pom pom.

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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Funny Girl | Theatre Review

It's not often I have the urge to run to stage door to tell the cast just how bloody great a show was. Funny Girl was one of those shows.

Let's cut to the chase. Natasha Barnes gave the absolute best theatrical performance I have ever seen. The Stage were not kidding about when they said she would be a name to look out for when she understudied Sheridan Smith in London, and begruntled audience members were on their feet at the end - as we were at Norwich Theatre Royal.
The sound to her voice was astonishing, it was so powerful and beautiful, after singing Don't Rain on my Parade at the close of Act 1 the only thing stopping me jumping to my feet, was how horrifically British I am. Natasha's performance was both emotional and her comic timing incredibly effortless. Natasha Barnes is a force to be reckoned with.
This production as a whole was super slick. Funny Girl gave rural Norwich a taste of the glamour and bizarreness of the Ziegfeld Follies. They had chorus girls, in an army number, on pointe and tap dancing.
This will be one of the best shows you see all year. Whilst Funny Girl is set in the 1920's the show is still relevant to today's audiences, as well as offering escapism by the bucket, Fanny Brice looked like she wasn't going to get anywhere in show business, as she didn't have the long show girl legs or the typical beauty of the time. If you put your all into something, and make it your own, you can and will be successful in what you want to be.

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