Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Fashion Favourites | Summer 17

Hello! As usual a lot of time has passed since my last favourites post. It's been a funny old summer, but here's what I have been loving regardless

Fashion - looking below I am very much into my trends this summer.
Let me introduce to you, my most worn item this Summer the Gingham Dress, I am obsessed with it, and will wear it multiple times in a week - and when it is in the wash, I have no clue what to wear. I also think this will transition nicely into winter, with tights, boots and a nice burgundy cardi.


Red is everywhere, literally pops and splashes of it everywhere. You can see my beloved red loafers in my gingham picture. And also this Red denim jacket which as a new edition to my wardrobe this month. Love it.

Slogan t-shirts

I have always loved a good slogan, but slogan t-shirts have exploded left, right and (you guessed it) centre. This one has to be my favourite, it just simply states Girls Rule and has a lovely rose on it. I like tucking it into a denim skirt or into a tailored trouser.

Statement earrings

If you want to add an easy bit of drama to any outfit, statement earrings are just the way to go. There are so many cray cray earrings out there, I am sure you can find the ones for you, from a large gold hoop to the fluffiest of pom pom.

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