Saturday, 12 December 2015

Homeware Haul | Blogmas Day 12

Hello! On of my favourite things about being at Uni, is having my own space. Yes it might be a little University Halls room, but its mine and its filled with my stuff. Obviously I don't have a large budget to go spending, but I have picked up some homeware bits in recent months.

Cath Kidston - Stanley Mug
If you are obsessed with Sausage Dogs like me, this is a must. Not going to lie they are pretty scarce and I really had to hunt down this mug, but I got it and its perfect.

Everything else is from Tiger so I can't link it:(
I am obsessed with this copper basket, its gorgeous I'm pretty sure it was 3 quid. I keep it on my shelves storing my skin care and some other bits. How cute are the cookie cutters? I haven't used them yet but i WILL make gingerbread cookies before Christmas if it is the last thing I do! Finally my little jar/glass situation, so cute and I love drinking my lime squash from it!

I hope you enjoyed this little haul!
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Friday, 11 December 2015

Top 3 Vlogmas' | Blogmas Day 11

Hello! I don't know about you, but my favourite thing about December is Vlogmas, I'm not going to lie...I am a little behind. However I have 3 which I keep up to date with each year.

Let me introduce to you...


I like watching Jessie because she is the same age as me, so I really relate to her more than most YouTubers. She's at uni like me, and helps for motivation to do work. But my favourite vlogs are people doing day to day things. WOW i sold that badly. I LOVE JESS's vlogs!!


Its only fair to say Zoe is the Queen of Christmas. I have been loving both her vlogs and #24daysofZoella. She is sure to lighten up my day and put me in a good mood.

Lily Pebbles
Lily is such a down to earth gal, I really watching her, and she always does something a little bit out of the ordinary with her editing. This girl has very enviable editing skills and just gets better and better!

Super quick post today :)

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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Kensington Palace Christmas | Day 10

Hello! On Saturday my mumma came down to see me and we visited Kensington Palace. Warning this is fairly picture heavy wooooo.

The main purpose of the visit was to hear a talk about Victorian Pantomime's and the birth of pantomime. As you may know Panto is a love of mine... quick throw back to Cinderella last year...

I did Theatre Studies at A-Level so there wasn't a tonne of new information but it was nice to refresh the memories. The lady doing the presentation was so passionate and the time whizzed by!

First of all the Christmassy bits

They really had gone to town on the Christmas decorations and as a Christmas fanatic I really appreciated the decor, hopefully it gave my mum some inspiration for home as I won't be able to help this year!

My favourite part was the Fashion section which had dresses worn in the 50's,60's and 70's by Queen Elizabeth and her Sister, it also had Diana's dresses from the 80's which I was less bothered about (being to young for the Diana hype). As well as their clothes on the walls were old vogue front covers which I loved.

I think my mum's favourite part was definitely looking round the Palace looking at the other mini exhibitions. My favourite "history" part was the playroom/nursery in the 'Queen Victoria revealed' exhibition which I totally forgot to photograph, looking at the old fashioned toys.

One of things I noticed, which is really obvious once I thought about it was that the stairs in the 'Queen's Quarters' were much less steep than in the 'Kings Quarters'. I was like that's weird!? But then if you think about it ladies had to wear long heavy gowns and steep stairs would quite frankly be a nightmare to walk down in a graceful manner as a Queen should!

The grounds were so, gorgeous and when it is warm again would be a really nice place for a picnic!

Finally I have to give a shout out to THE BEST TOILET SIGNS EVER!!

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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas Tunes, This Years Faves | Blogmas Day 9

Hello, I've had my Christmas Playlist playing since mid November (Late or early you decide). I did a post like this last year which you can see here, I still love those songs but this year I've added some more to my playlist... none of these songs are new, but they are new to me or I've just started to like them more!

image from: Pinterest

1.  Carol of the Bells - Pentatonix 
2. Driving Home for Christmas - Chris Rea (totally not on here because I am V excited to Drive home for Christmas)
3. Not Tonight Santa - Girls Aloud

I love most Christmas Songs but these are the ones I can't stop listening to!

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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

December Wishlist | Blogmas Day 8

Hello! I know Christmas is about giving and I love giving, but as a human being I would like things in return and I have a cheeky Christmas Wishlist on Pinterest... which is the world's most obvious way to give hints to my Mum, especially as I'm now away at uni. Plus Pinterest is great because it almost feels like shopping, an activity I can't really afford to partake in these days!

These are my top 3 pins atm.

Robot Pajama's
I really cannot explain how much of my time I spend in my pyjamas, its getting to the stage where I have a problem. My solution to this problem is to simply vary the pyjamas I am wearing. For example the Robot PJ bottoms pictured.

For me its either boots or trainers, I feel I look so weird in brogues, ballet flats - basically any kind of flat shoe. Also it is Christmas, and one thing I am abnormally attracted to over the festive period is SPARKLES. This why I think these boots are amazing AF!

2015 has been the year I got into Candles beforehand I had never really seen the point, but I was naive. Not only do they make your room smell fab, they really add to a cosy ambience, especially if you are cuddled up in bed with a book, its starting to get dark, and its raining out side. Perfection.

Also these may give you inspiration for who you have presents to buy for!

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Monday, 7 December 2015

Festive Make Up | Blogmas Day 7

Hello, I can't believe I've nearly completed one week, Blogmas is 100% possible, just need to get super ahead, because I slightly have an essay I need to complete really soon #priorities! Basically as soon as December began I whipped out the festive make up!

Also literally my skin is having a party on my face so excuse that.

 Basically I think a festive make up look needs a golden or bronzey eye, and a red lip.  SO I can't really say much for this post. But I do definitely need a better foundation!

I hope you enjoyed this post!
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Sunday, 6 December 2015

November Favourites | Blogmas Day 6

Hello again! This week I filmed my first ever favourites video, I have done favourites on the blog before, but yay new things. I hope you enjoy the video :)

Just a quick shout out for Mince Pies if you don't watch the video! I LOVE MINCE PIES!!!

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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Typical Uni Outfit | Blogmas Day 5

Hello, today I thought I would post something a little more up to date.

In case any of you were interested in what I wear for uni, or if anyone out there is going to uni next year and just want to know what you could wear.

Some people make a lot of effort when going into Uni, even for the dreaded 9am lecture. The look I tend to go for is just rolled out of bed and comfortable, because I value those extra 20/30minutes in bed!

I'm not going to lie I look dang rough in these haha, and had to crop out my bedside table!
What exactly are you wearing you say? Well, I'm wearing my Strawberry Hat from River island ages ago, My Topshop Parka (now in the sale), A jumper you can't see, American Apparel Leggings, Asos Backpack, and White Mono Leather Converse.
If you want a super warm and cosy coat, this one is so fab. I am not aware of weather conditions, its like wearing a sleeping bag without looking like an idiot. In my opinion it is the perfect parka.
I hope you appreciate Mark Franko's Martha Graham in Love and War book I am holding in an attempt to look semi clever. Unfortunately for me, this is my life at the moment!
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Friday, 4 December 2015

Day Out in Kingston | Blogmas Day 4

Hello! Welcome back to my Blogmas posts, I hope you are enjoying them so far. Today we have another day I wish I had blogged about sooner. This day was way back in October, can you even remember October?!

This is a day out in Kingston Upon Thames, where I live now... still find that totally crazy!

I invited my Mum down to spend the day with me, I knew exactly how I wanted to spend the day straight away.
We started off with a walk down the Thames, because you can't do that back in Norwich!

The Thames seems to be occupied by many birds, including Canadian Geese and Swans. Not that having Swans is surprising living just down the river from Hampton Court Palace, yahoo with the Swans belonging to the Queen and all!

Parked/moored (not sure about boating terminology) are loads of boats of all different shapes and sizes. The one below is my favourite and it always makes me smile every time I walk by it.

Realistically if you're spending the day with me chances are we will end up in Bill's. I couldn't believe that in October we were sitting out side on the banks of the River Thames and not shivering! This time around I went for the watermelon juice and the Halloumi burger and it was fabulous!

Following this we went for a wonder around the shops, before heading to Creams. Which is a desert place if you haven't heard of it before! I went for the Oreo Sundae, unfortunately I couldn't finish it. I recommend you go when you are starving other wise you, like I will not finish it!

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I hope you are enjoying my regular posts :)

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Being a Tourist | Blogmas Day 3

Hello, today is the second of the overdue posts!

One of the best things about having a flatmate from the US is... I get to do touristy things in my own country. This was from the same day that I saw Curious, I cannot explain how great this day was, but I digress. 

In tourist mode we hit up Buckingham Palace, because if you're visiting London really there is no better place to start. I whipped out all my random knowledge about the Royal Family, and other trivia I'm sure Catherine really appreciated...

Following our visit to Buckingham Palace, we walked through the park which I believe is St James', it was like a little oasis in the middle of London, less than a five minute walk from London. I love how when you're walking around in London you never really know what is going to be around the best corner. In the park there was an array of birds, greenery and the odd squirrel, it was thoroughly delightful. However the best thing about the park was the view looking towards Horse Huards parade, this was not a view you could make up, I was truly stunned.

When we reached Horse Guard's parade it was time for the changing of the guards, I love that in everyday like, we still have the ceremonial pomp and circumstance, and am grateful for our history in the UK.

Following this I took Catherine to Downing Street, because I am a good tour guide (who was reliant on google maps, aren't we all?).

After a morning of British Culture we hit up Chipotle a mexican restaurant, now back in Norwich we're not at the fore front of Mexian Cuisine, so this was a new experience for me. I had my first Burrito Bowl, a new experience indeed, once I had picked out the soapy coriander, life was good, and I was full to the brim.

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