Friday, 4 December 2015

Day Out in Kingston | Blogmas Day 4

Hello! Welcome back to my Blogmas posts, I hope you are enjoying them so far. Today we have another day I wish I had blogged about sooner. This day was way back in October, can you even remember October?!

This is a day out in Kingston Upon Thames, where I live now... still find that totally crazy!

I invited my Mum down to spend the day with me, I knew exactly how I wanted to spend the day straight away.
We started off with a walk down the Thames, because you can't do that back in Norwich!

The Thames seems to be occupied by many birds, including Canadian Geese and Swans. Not that having Swans is surprising living just down the river from Hampton Court Palace, yahoo with the Swans belonging to the Queen and all!

Parked/moored (not sure about boating terminology) are loads of boats of all different shapes and sizes. The one below is my favourite and it always makes me smile every time I walk by it.

Realistically if you're spending the day with me chances are we will end up in Bill's. I couldn't believe that in October we were sitting out side on the banks of the River Thames and not shivering! This time around I went for the watermelon juice and the Halloumi burger and it was fabulous!

Following this we went for a wonder around the shops, before heading to Creams. Which is a desert place if you haven't heard of it before! I went for the Oreo Sundae, unfortunately I couldn't finish it. I recommend you go when you are starving other wise you, like I will not finish it!

Thanks for popping by!
I hope you are enjoying my regular posts :)

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