Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Wishlist #12 Beauty

1. I have wanted this perfume since I first sprayed a sample in Boots and my Friend gave me a little (when I say little I mean tiny) bottle for my birthday, just to tease me I think. Please someone get a 50 ml version for me PLEASE!!

2. I'm a bit of a Soap and Glory fan (she says whilst only owning the bubble bath!!! but sshhh). I think I heard about this on someones youtube channel and they said that it smells like syrup.

3. This is the raved about Just Bitten Kissable lip balm/stain thangg, I think this would actually be a worthwhile purchase as I have really dry lips, so in theory it would give my lips the much need moisture and a  wee bit of colour.

4. Look at the packaging aaahhhh I don't care what colour I need a YSL lipstick in my life.

PS I am sorry I have been extremely lacking in my Posting, but last week I was Ill and I've got rehearsals for Two shows. Soon I'll be back properly!

Monday, 29 October 2012

NOTD number 3

These my dears are todays nails. As you can see these bad boys are from the Barry M Magnetic Range in the shade 328 Magnetic Blue. Today I learnt this is not the kind of thing you should do in a rush, as they have not came out as well as I hoped! But oh well they still look nice :)


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Wishlist #11

Right this wishlist seems abit dreary, but it's what I like at the moment, the weather outside must be inspiring me in some weird way!!

1.Unusually my Mum spotted this beaut in Topshop the other day, an said I should really take a look! Ahh its so cute, and I have nothing like it in my wardrobe and I think I'm going to have to get it!! Also it's in the petite and tall sections as well!!

2. I've wanted some Chelsea boots for a while now, I first came across these are Dotty Dolly's Blog, and they looked amazing on her (on second thought everything does). The bonus about them is the heel and I could always do with a bit extra height, and they don't look too dangerous.

3. The MUA brand has been around for awhile now, they are so cheap, this nail polish is only £1 can't go wrong their can you?!?!

4.  I saw this the other day when I went into Topshop, however I did not get an opportunity to try this on, as I was gong to see Julias Caesar - yes I'm very cultured!! Anyhoo I think this is perfect for the upcoming partayy season.


Sunday, 21 October 2012

NOTD number 2!!

Looking at these pictures it appears I have zero talent for applying nail polish! But I think its more a case of laziness. This colour is gorgeous and perfect for autumn, unfortunately I have no idea what it's called as I have had it more years and have lost the sticker, but I do know that it is a No.7 nail polish from boots which I bought with a £5 voucher!! I found the consistency a bit streaky and runny, but that maybe just because it's reaaallly OLD.


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Sunday, 14 October 2012


Just a quick post. Over the weekend it was my friend's 18th, and to celebrate she had a fancy dress partaay. Guess what I went as!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Wishlist #9

1. I hate showering, I am a baths girl and proud of it to. But sometimes you have to take a shower and I feel this would help my experience.
2. I first came across this make when watching videos by fleur de force. The prices are really cheap, but still decent in quality. I would love to add this to my erm lacking eye shadow collection!
3. You might have guessed I like nail polish? Anywho looking through my collection I realised I haven't got a baby pink colour *gasps*, so I started to look for one and I have decided this is the one I would like AND it's not Barry M!!
4. With the weather getting all chilly again (one of the joys of living in England :( ), nearing the top of things I urgently need is a Snood, they always look so comfy and warm on other people, and I'm sure it's time for me to own one as well.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

NOTD numbero 1

Just a quickie :) These are todays nails, I love this colour, it's so pretty and fairly grown up compared to the nail polishes I have been wearing this year. However it does appear darker than in the picture in real life. This is one of the nail polishes that I featured in my last nail posts here.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Glamorous facebook comp!!

Basically just letting you know about a facebook comp to win these shoes, they are all over the blogging world and I wouldn't mind a pair myself!! Enter here !

Friday, 5 October 2012

The Badger Cull (UK)

I'm not sure if you are aware but hundreds of cows are being put down each year because they have contracted T.B. For me the obvious thing to do is develop a vaccine to protect the cattle. Instead of the government helping to fund a vaccine programme, there is to be a CULL of Badgers. Badgers carry the disease and pass it onto cows. However there is no concrete evidence that a Cull of badgers will significantly lower the number of TB cases. If you agree this is a senseless and cruel act please sign this petition here.

(I'm not sure if I got this over well enough but PLEASE at least take a look!)


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Wishlist #8 Forever 21

Ever since my last visit to London town (London Village as my Dad calls it) I have been desperate to go back to this shop,and be lusting over some of the items on the website.

1. I was scrolling through the earrings section on the website, then I saw these beauts. They reminded me of the cats ones on the Topshop website, which cost £7.50 and these cost just £.4.90 so they are clearly a winner.

2. At the moment there are tonnes of see through/lacy/cut-out tops about, any shop you go in. This is my favourite, as I think the cut-out daisies are so pretty, and it would lush with my coral vest on underneath.

3 .After trying on skirts such as this and this, it turns out my body is not designed to wear a short skater skirts, yes I am truly blessed (although I do have one which looks alright!). For skirts I'm having to go back to the bodycon, like I used to wear for school but not black. This number is very pretty, but its never gonna make up for the loss of the skater skirt.

4. You might have noticed in my Bags wishlist that I really like the colour of the sweater, and well what more is there to say??