Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Norwich Theatre Royal Top Picks

Today is World Theatre Day, so I thought I would share my picks from the new Norwich Theatre Royal brochure. I am going straight in with what I think is the dark horse of the programming.

Saturday 13th - Sunday 14th October 2018
This is a company in the same ilk as Cirque Du Soleil, therefore I thought it was not going to be my cup of tea. I seriously advise you watch the trailer for this production, any preconceptions you have about Circus, this will change your ideas.

Tuesday 30th October - Saturday 3rd November 2018
Despite the not so rave reviews from the current production at the National Theatre, this I think is definitely one to watch this year. Macbeth was the first Shakespeare I studied way back in year 7 and I'm excited to see it live on stage.

Matilda the Musical
Tuesday 16th July - Saturday 17th August 2019
As soon as I heard this was coming to Norwich Theatre Royal I was so excited, as I have been meaning to see Matilda in the west end for years, but haven't achieved that quite yet. This has so many good songs in such as 'When I Grow Up' and 'Naughty'. There were queues out of the door when it went on sale, Norwich is going to go mad for this.

SIX the musical
(Norwich Playhouse)
Wednesday 11th July - Sunday 15th July 2018
This is a new musical being produced in association with Norwich Theatre Royal and Norwich Playhouse, putting the Six wives of Henry VIII in the spotlight. With a similar vibe to Hamilton being a pop musical with serious girl boss feels.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Favourite Films and TV ATM

Queer Eye
Quite frankly if you haven't heard about Queer Eye, has your internet been disabled for the last week or so? The makeover show we have been waiting for is here, it's not superficial and its building bridges. The Fab Five (Bobby, Karamo, Antoni, Tan and Jonathan) are challenging the perception of gay people in the deep south of the USA, men on the show admitting they simply had not mixed with LGBT people in their lives. Whilst this is in essence a makeover show it is so much more, and I challenge you not to cry during an episode.

Relatable AF. Is my short review of Lady Bird. 
The narrative here isn’t the important part of the film, we follow Lady Bird in her last year of high school. It’s an exploration of that relationship between teenage daughter and Mum. I don’t feel like the trailer, really tells you what the film is going to be about, and the film surprised me so much. 

I, Tonya
Margot Robbie, I did not realise quite how great an actress you are, entirely transformed within this film.
I, Tonya follows the life and career of Tonya Harding US Olympic Ice Skater up until the 1994 including the infamous attack on Nancy Harrigan. I knew I had to see this film as soon as I saw the first trailer and was instantly curious about Tonya Harding, a little bit of modern history I was entirely unaware of.
Truth was the theme of this film, there were key scenes played with the different versions of events given by the people in Tonya's life. I feel as an audience that it left me feeling a bit agitated at times not being an easy watch, replicating how the characters were feeling on screen.
Since watching the film I have been watching the original footage of the skating and some interviews doing some of my own research.

Call Me By Your Name
A film I was sure I'd be waiting for the DVD release to watch. My friend Grace has been singing it's praises for a number of months, and I was gutted to have missed it in cinemas.
Call Me By Your Name is such a gorgeously shot film telling the story of Elio spending the summer of 1983 in his parent's summer residence in Italy. When Oliver working with Elio's father as an intern meet and after a slow start a summer romance ensues.
A stunning coming of age story, and there are many positives for LGBT people. Firstly neither Elio or Oliver die, or has a terminal illness. Secondly the scene between Elio and his father, whilst Elio is suffering with heartbreak, is every kid's ideal coming out conversation with a parent.

Friday, 23 February 2018

February Work Outfits

This month I have a bumper edition on the outfit front, Spring is on its way and I wanted to show as many as my cold weather outfits as possible. This winter my two obsessions have been my Dr Martens which are complete rediscovery and the colour pink. As usual outfits are a mixture of old and new pieces, so I have linked what I can.

Pink Outfits
Outfit 1 Top and Cardi Primark, Dungarees Fat Face, Dr Martens 
Outfit 2 Dress Lazy Oaf, Dr Martens
Outfit 3 Top Lazy Oaf, Cardi Primark, Jeans Topshop, Trainers Nike
Wednesday 7th
Jumper Marks and Spencer, Culottes and Boots New Look, Coat and Hat Topshop

Thursday 8th
Jumper Marks and Spencer, Trousers Topshop, Dr Martens
Outfit 1 Top Hamilton, Trousers and Loafers Topshop
Outfit 2 Jumper Topshop, Dress Jack Wills, Dr Martens
Outfit 3 Top The Addams Family Tour, Cardi Primark, Jeans Topshop, Dr Martens
Saturday 17th
Cardigan Lazy Oaf, T-Shirt ASOS, Jeans Topshop, Converse

Outfit 1 Cardigan Lazy Oaf, Dress Topshop, Dr Martens
Outfit 2 Shirt Charity Shop, Jumper Marks and Spencer, Jeans Topshop, Dr Martens

I hope you enjoyed this bumper outfit addition post. Fingers crossed there's not too many more wintery outfits to be featured!!

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Current Favourites

It would be hard to deny that my absolute favourite of the past month was appearing in Top Hat at Norwich Theatre Royal this month with The Norfolk and Norwich Operatic Society.

I had jokingly said for a few years that I was in Amateur Dramatics retirement, but Top Hat would be the show to bring me back onto the stage. My dressing room was full of all my favourite girls, we had a right laugh and this week I have definitely felt their absence in my life this week. For me nothing could beat the feeling of dancing and performing on stage, and I hope to do some more this year. I have my story saved from Top Hat on my instagram highlights, if you want so behind the scenes access.

The Pink Coat
This coat was available from Topshop I think around November time but then disappeared into the distance. This piece is so flipping warm despite definitely being my shortest coat, but then the pink makes it such a fun coat to wear. I do feel like a Latitude sheep but I freaking love it.

The Baker Boy Hat
I was inspired by Helen Anderson and Megan Ellaby for this purchase, I feel it this hat just adds personality to any outfit. Hats are often perceived as being a difficult thing to wear, meaning your outfit looks quite individual and like you're not one of the crowd. I'm thinking of either getting a patterned hat or a brighter coloured one before Spring hits.

The Last Five Years Soundtrack
This is an old favourite, I remember watching the film when it came out, I think the format of the musical is really refreshing, a couple each character starting at opposite ends of the their romance, one from meeting the other freshly broken up. My favourite songs are I'm Still Hurting and A Summer in Ohio.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

3 Outfits from January

January a somewhat meh month, Christmas is over, but there is a chance for new beginnings. As usual I am sharing some of my work outfits of the month, I have tried to dress cheerfully to help avoid the January blues.

I have linked everything that I can, but most of this is old stuff restyled.

13th January (Blue Monday)
Hoody Jack Wills Trousers River Island, Converse Office

14th  January
Jumper Old, Skirt ASOS, Converse

22nd January
Leopard Print Shirt Charity Shop, Jeans Topshop, Converse

As you can see this month, I have tried to avoid falling in the traps of wearing grey and camoflauging against the grey drearyness of this month. Colour and pattern is always sure to cheer my up!

Saturday, 13 January 2018

My 2018 To Be Read

This year I am determined to get my reading back on track, looking at the list below it is definitely weighted towards non-fiction. I feel some of that is to do with me wanting to be less ignorant about the world and be more informed.

In no particular order...

1. Balancing Acts by Nicholas Hytner
Before receiving this as a gift I had no idea this book existed. It is about Nichola Hytner's time as Artistic Director of the National Theatre. I will get to read about hugely successful productions such as Warhorse, but also about broadening the theatre audience and changing perception of theatre. Which are two things I am extremely interested in, working in theatre myself.

2. The Museum of Extraordinary Things by Alice Hoffman
This book has extremely mixed reviews, something about the blurb and cover intrigued me. A magical realism novel set in New York around a side walk Freak Show. Coralie daughter of the impresario running the freak show and runaway photographer Eddie meet.

3. The F Word by Lily Pebbles
Potentially one of the books I'm most excited to read this year. This all about female friendship, something not hugely portrayed as important in the media, but yet is so central to mine and many other women's lives.

4. Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari
The book is a culmination of a massive research project looking at how people find love and relationships in the 2010's, following comedian Aziz Ansari's run in with a girl who didn't reply to his text about a second date, left him on a spiral of thoughts of why he didn't know how to deal with the situation. Yet years ago people seemingly found romance more easily.

5. What Happened by Hillary Clinton
Mainly out of curiosity I want to read this, like many people around the world I was shocked when she did not win. Yes, I'm aware she has been somewhat controversial and she wouldn't have been perfect. The questions is still how.

6. The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler
As the title suggests this is an episodic play, each monologue discusses and explores different parts of the feminine experience. I would love to see this performed live also. It was described by the New York Times as on of the most important  pieces of political theatre in the 1990's.

7. The Power by Naomi Alderson
Fiction alert! The premise of this is that girls, gain the power to produce electricity, switching from Men having power in a patriarchal society to women and the effects this has on all aspects of life. It sounds extremely interesting.

8. Everywoman by Jess Philips
I'd say compare to most I'm into politics, but not as much as I would like to be. Everywoman is written by Birmingham Labour MP, giving an insight in what it's like to be a woman in parliament, as well as how she got there and about being a woman in general. I got sucked in on the 'Look Inside' pages on Amazon.

9. Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge
This featured in a few 2017 Book Favourite videos in the BookTube community. As a somewhat privileged white person I am ignorant about the issues and history of race and racism in my own country, and I shouldn't be, because whilst I am not a racist person my ignorance is still part of the problem.

I'm eager to get reading all the books on this list, I've actually taken the time to do some research, and now hopefully I am making myself accountable.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

New Years Resolutions

January might be one of the coldest and most miserable months of the year, but like everyone including your aunt's, best mate's, nan I like to put together a few New Years resolutions for myself.

I cannot tell you how much my body yearns to dance again. I danced pretty much everyday from the ages of 10 to 21 when I quit my dance course at university to move back home and work in theatre. Two years later (cannot believe its been that long!!) I need to get myself back into class. I'm thinking starting with a ballet class. It's times like these when if I lived in London this would be a lot easier.

Read 10 Books
For the past few years I have set myself the challenge of reading a book a month, last year I stopped reading in May and then finished only two further books bringing my total to 7 books last year. 2018 I am aiming to read at least 10, anything more than that will be an absolute bonus.

Go to a new city in the UK and abroad
I achieved this resolution last year by going on trips to Paris and Edinburgh, proving you don't need to go to the other side of the world to see new places. This year I'm think York or Bristol (with Bristol I can also pop to my favourite city Bath), then abroad Amsterdam and Copenhagen are calling my name I think. Wherever I go I will of course do some travel posts, and use my #KPontour on instagram.

Go to a March or Protest
There are so many things I am passionate about, which I often tweet or blog about, but living in an era with events such as with the Women's March, #MeToo and the recent #FreePeriod protest. These are things I believe in, and I want to support them in person and not just be randomly put out in the universe via the internet. Stay tuned.