Thursday, 31 October 2013

Autumnal Layered ootd

Hello! This is what I wore yesterday when I went for a catch up with my friend Tess over tea and cake (hint baking post coming soon!) As its starting to get chilly in the UK its been time to pile the layers on!

Top Zara, Cardi hm (old), Waistcoat my mum's, Scarf Charity Shop, Boots Next (old), Jewelery (old), Nail Polish Topshop awol
I would just like to assure you my boots are a pair but are just so ridic worn/dead they are looking less and less like a pair but they are!!! In this outfit I have pair tartan in the scarf and the winter floral top together which I think is quite unusual but it works because the colours tie in together. I have also been wearing this waistcoat a lot as I feel it adds a little but of warmth to an outfit but without feeling overwhelmed by the amount of layers. When I went outside I also popped on my leather jacket so I wouldn't be cold!
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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

I dressed as a strawberry

Hello! There is method in the madness, on Sunday I went to a fruit themed Halloween party....... a Strawberry was an obvious choice considering I have a very suitable hat which you may have seen before right here.

So here is the costume... I know I kinda look like a Christmas elf but what can a girl do!
So apart from my hat I am wearing... A red top from primark, which I stuck cut out ovals onto to look like strawberry seed, and pinned a 'collar' to the neck line to look like leaves! Then I wore my Topshop skater skirt, Black tights, Fruit socks and then my black heeled boots.

My favourite part was my first ever non-fail at nail art, which I thought was pretty darn impressive.
I did a base coat with Nails Inc St James (on offer for £9.90 in house of fraser), then I used Maybelline Colour Show in Urban Turquoise along the top kinda like a French manicure but wobbly so it would look abit like leaves, then finally I dotted on Rimmel Lasting Finish in Sunshine to make the seeds!
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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

October Faves/Round Up

Hello! Unlike last month I don't really have any new favourites product wise so I thought I would do more of a round up! I can't believe how fast this month has wizzed by its crazy!

Okay so my TV favourite has to be the Great British Bake Off. Which came to a close last week, with Frances being announced as the winner. I was team Ruby, but what can ya do! I always love getting inspiration for what to bake, and I feel like there is about to be baking resurgance in my kitchen.

My new obsession clothing wise has to be my Primark fluffy jumper. I love it so much hopefully it'll appear in an outfit post soon!

Dancing lots! This month was the school dance show, last wednesday we had an all day rehearsal which totally knackered me but it was sooo much fun. Then followed by the dance show on Thursday night which I absolutely loved. And just about every Wednesday and Friday we had Hairspray rehearsals which meant even more dancing...... so happy me!

Seeing friends :) Obviously I see my friends most days at school BUT I've seen them way more outside of school than usual... Back at the start of the month we went out on the razzle, I went to my first sleepover in years and then on Sunday we had our fruit themed Halloween party (which i'm doing a post on tomorrow)

Sorry for the lack of picture guys!
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Monday, 28 October 2013

Mary Spiced Whole Orange Cake

Hello! So yesterday I made this cake

Daymn it was good! I thought this cake would be perfect for this autumnal time of year with the orange and festive spices cinnamon and good ol' mixed spice. The recipe is from the latest GBBO book which I was kindly gifted by a friend on my Birthday and I freakin recommend this book! The cake got really good reviews from my family so it's only fair that I share the recipe!

1 orange
275g self-raising flour
2 tsp baking powder
275g castor sugar
275g margarine (straight from the fridge)
4 Medium Eggs
1 tsp ground cinnamon (I used more for both spices about triple in the end)
1tsp ground mixed spice

You will need 2x20 cm deep sandwich tins, greased and base lined!

1. The first stage I found to be quite strange, put the orange in a pan, and surround with boiling water from the kettle, leave it for 30 mins until soft. I kept mine on the hob so I could maintain a steady temperature. The drain away the water and leave it to cool down.

2.Heat the oven to 180°C/350°F/gas 4

3. Cut the  orange in half, remove the pips. Then blitz in a food processor, until you are left with a chunky pulp. Put 2 tbsps. worth aside for icing, then remove the rest of the pulp and also put aside.

4. Add all the other cake ingredients to the food processor, and blitz until well mixed together. At this stage I would taste it to make sure it is spicey enough for you.

5. Remove the blade, carefully mix in the pulp using a plastic spatula.

6. Share between the cake tins and cook for 30-35 mins (unlike me who read the recipe wrong shh)

7. Take out of the oven and leave to cool!

Icing time
90g Butter
180g Icing sugar
1 tbsp. Orange Juice
and the remaining orange pulp

1. Soften the butter in the microwave (be careful not to melt it!)

2. Mix the icing sugar and butter together until combined.

3. Mix in the Orange Juice and Pulp

4. Share the icing out equally between the middle and top of the cake.

5. Voila a seriously tasty cake!

Hope you enjoyed this post, I feel like I haven't done a baking post for ages, do you wanna see more of these??
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Sunday, 27 October 2013

What's in my Bathroom!

Hello! Either last week or the week before I saw Fleur do this in video form , now i'm ridiculously nosey... like ridic. I really enjoy watching these kinda things and I thought it might give me a chance to mention things I don't normally on the blog!

So as I still live at home I obviously only get a section of the bathroom most of my stuff I keep in an old soap and glory gift set box. Apart from my bubble bar, tooth brush and tooth paste. I always make sure to have two clean flannels available which no one else will use!

I've tried to find links for everything but some things I haven't been able to find :(
In row one from the back left to right
I've talked about this before here... so all i'll say is I love it!
I've taken some close ups so you can see better!
I always make sure I have some of this hanging around as it is a great bubble bath and like all S&G products it smells rather lovely!
3. Aussie Miracle Colour Insurance Leave-In Conditioner (similar)
This is the only leave in Conditioner I have ever used it does the job quite well and keeps my hair nice and soft, but I won't be repurchasing it as I really really despise the smell.
When I wash my hair it is apparently necessary for me to look like a lion afterwards, not cool, this helps to tame my mane quite a bit and I've been using it for years!
I use this once a week on a Sunday, I think its good at what its meant to do and always leaves my face feeling refreshed- although I would like to try a chemical exfoliator next.
#classicalert I think at some I will repurchase this but i'm looking into either a product from ren or origins next!
I use this as a moisturiser from time to time and I think its a good basic to have.
2. Boot's Baby Oil
I originally bought this for removing face paint last year for panto, sometimes I like to use it to remove make up and I also put some in the bath to make it feel more luxurious.
This is my posh fake tan which is a gradual tanner and it starts to show up after an hour, I use this a lot more in the summer, but do occasionally use it to take the white tint of my pale skin in the winter so I don't look ill!
This is my cheap and cheerful gradual tanner, it does basically the same job but isn't consistently as good as the other one, as I don't always know exactly what the application will be like! Again I tend to use this in the summer, and I use it if I have felt I have used too much of the expensive one a previous time.
I FREAKIN LOVE this stuff! It smells absolutely scrummy, it is abrasive enough without being too scratchy - I can't compare it to anything else as this is the only exfoliator I have tried!
6. A Body Butter
This is a nightmare to rub in but the only reasons I kept it are its smells like calpol - wow and its kinda alright for when I get dry elbow and knees.
Two Vichy sample moisturisers and my spot treatment which doesn't work so don't get it!!
In the Shower!
Left to right
I use this when I have a shower in morning as it is quite herbally and refreshing - perfect for those groggy mornings.
Tresemme Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner
I am not impressed with these after my hair is washed it doesn't feel nourished as the promotion suggests it would -  bad on you tresemme!
The Little Bubble Co Vanilla Biscuit Bath and Shower Gel
This is definitely an evening product as the smell is so delectable and makes me feel all cosy and snug. psst it also make a good bubble bath.
Pantene blonde impressions shampoo
I have been rationing this like a maniac since I am not a happy bunny with my current shampoo and conditioner, I found it at a back of a cupboard and I can't find it anywhere so I won't be able to repurchase this and it makes me quite sad!
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Saturday, 26 October 2013

lusting after - leather

Hello! Here's the second post in this little series the last post you can see here! I have had a soft spot for leather jackets but this year it is acceptable to wear leather everything.....

Leather inspiration from tumblr

Here is what I have been spying....

Are you loving leather, or do you think it should be left to aging rock stars?
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Friday, 25 October 2013

Casual cosy ootd

Hello again! I feel like I haven't posted in a while, but it turns out last time was at the weekend... so not too bad I had planned for this to go up midweek, but my week has been filled with dance show deliriousness.. this post is hear now!

When I was taking the photos this was the view out of my window...

a) you can see why a cosy outfit was necessary
b) it was reaaaalllyyy hard to get a decent picture mehh

unfortunately non of this is available online - but they're are plenty of cropped cream jumpers and red scarves about!
On my feet which you can't see are some old tan 'biker' boots, I'm wearing the comfiest subtly leopard print harem pants from h&m from years ago, my mum's old grey waist coat, cropped jumper from primark which I mentioned in my primark haul and my red scarf. Gee was I comfy that day... I also have the same hairstyle I did in one of my last posts!
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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Celeb Hairstyles #1 Cara Delevingne

Hello! I'm planning for this to be a continuing series..... first up I have Cara, she is the girl of the moment lets not lie, those brows and them cheek bones oh my.. who doesn't want to be her! Mostly she wears her hair with a middle parting, reletivly striaght and her beanie. But some times she rocks other styles which I have tried to copy for you guys!

style 1 - met ball 2013 punk plait
I love this hairstyle a lot, as I find plaits can give a super girly look, but by plaiting just one side gives a more edgy look, creating a faux undercut, which after searching for Cara D hairstyles is quite a common theme!
Here's my attempt
Unlike Cara I left my hair wavey as I don't like how my hair looks straight that much!
Style 2 -  DKNY Artworks London
Again this is another plaited style, this time though she has done a little something something to the classc French plait by dividing the hair into 3, then French plaiting each of the three sections before combining them together.

Here's my attempt (this didn't go brills :( )

start by plaiting like in the previous style

then do a normal French plait with the other section, and then add in the side plait as your last strand you add into the French plait!

If you have been inspired to try any of these hairstyles a little while back I did a post on how to French plait which you can refer to.

 Style 3 - Sleek Bun

My attempt....
you need : a hairbrush, some pins and a hair band

tie your hair back into a sleek high ponytail and pull two sections out

twist your ponytail

wrap round into a loose bun shape and pin securely !

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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Lusting after - Tartan

Hello, sorry for the gap between posts but the last week has been totally cray cray with the school dance show coming up it is basically all I've been focusing on!

So when I am not swooning over Henry Cavill and Alex Pettyfer I have been mildly obsessing over some trends this season, so I thought why not do a post on these things! My obsession with tartan started from when I got my blazer and I am desperate to get something else because I freaking love my blazer it is gorge......... I have picked out for tartan items and have made sure it isn't Topshop exclusive, as I feel it is a step I need to take!

3.  Tea Dress

As you can now see I want tartan EVERYTHING, I 100% think tartan clothing is worth investing in as it is a timeless classic print which comes back year after year!

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Saturday, 12 October 2013

so i went to primark

Hello! Today I did a fairly early morning trip to primark with my mum in the search for a couple of things something fluffy and a cropped jumper, and for the first time in my life I managed to complete a primark mission :D


 Purchase 1 - The Fluffy Jumper
This picture does this jumper no favours at all, it is soooooo soft, cosy and warm I can't wait to wear it, I'm going to feel like a little polar bear!
Purchase 2 - The Cropped Jumper
This could definitely be straight out of Topshop! This I bought this mainly so I could extend how long I could wear my dress for, as I normally don't wear them in the autumn/winter as they mainly have quite high waists nipped in, and I if I wear a normal jumper you can't see the fitted shape! 
Thanks for popping by, I nearly didn't post because the lighting was rubbish and I hope you don't mind :)

Friday, 11 October 2013

HOW TO: French Plait

Hello! Earlier my friend asked me when I was next going to do a hairstyle post, and since lots of my hairstyles feature a French plait I thought i'd better do a tutorial for me to reference back to, which I hope is easy to follow! At the end I've also included some hairstyles which you can get some ideas from!

DISCLAIMERS- the pictures are dark yes, however England has been under a veil of cloud, so brightness for pictures is hard to come by! Do not comment saying my hair is greasy I know, but these styles are a hundred times easy to do on unwashed hair i'm not gonna lie to you as it won't slip and slide everywhere!

This tutorial is just for the front section as I think its the easiest way to learn because there is a lot less hair to play with, and you can easily see it all in a mirror.

ENOUGH CHAT lets get down to it....

You'll need:
Hair (dur), hands (no machinery) and 2 hair bands.
Step 1
Section the front part of your hair, and tie the rest back.
Step 2
Divide the very top section into 3.
Step 3
Bring the middle section under the back section to then become the NEW back section.
Step 4
To the new back section add a little more hair.
Step 5
Then bring the middle section under the front section - forming the NEW front section.
Step 6
Add more hair to that new front section.
Step 7
Then bring the middle section under the back section to form a NEW back section (this step is the same as step 3)
Step 8
Repeat until all hair has been added in.
Step 9
Plait down as far as you like then secure with a hair band.
Two hairstyles!
Number one
Add this into a low ponytail, to make your pony tail a bit more interesting and super cute!
Number 2
This adds a little bit of interest when you wear your hair down, giving it a slightly different look.
I really hope you enjoyed this post!
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