Tuesday, 29 October 2013

October Faves/Round Up

Hello! Unlike last month I don't really have any new favourites product wise so I thought I would do more of a round up! I can't believe how fast this month has wizzed by its crazy!

Okay so my TV favourite has to be the Great British Bake Off. Which came to a close last week, with Frances being announced as the winner. I was team Ruby, but what can ya do! I always love getting inspiration for what to bake, and I feel like there is about to be baking resurgance in my kitchen.

My new obsession clothing wise has to be my Primark fluffy jumper. I love it so much hopefully it'll appear in an outfit post soon!

Dancing lots! This month was the school dance show, last wednesday we had an all day rehearsal which totally knackered me but it was sooo much fun. Then followed by the dance show on Thursday night which I absolutely loved. And just about every Wednesday and Friday we had Hairspray rehearsals which meant even more dancing...... so happy me!

Seeing friends :) Obviously I see my friends most days at school BUT I've seen them way more outside of school than usual... Back at the start of the month we went out on the razzle, I went to my first sleepover in years and then on Sunday we had our fruit themed Halloween party (which i'm doing a post on tomorrow)

Sorry for the lack of picture guys!
Thanks for popping by

Thanks for popping by!

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