Thursday, 3 October 2013

October Wishlist

Hello! Wait what, slow down, what has happened oh yes I know the year is rushing by as usual!

Better get onto tis wishlist before it's time for the next one..
as usual this is very Topshop heavy but what can a gal do?

1. I have been toying with getting a pair of black skinny jeans for a while but I feel like they're abit safe and boring. However when I saw these on Lily Melrose, I felt that they were my answer to the safeness, and now I really want them and I think they would go lovely with my tartan blazer!
2. Recently I have developed a problem whilst looking for a new pair of flat winter boots, I keep falling in love with heels, these are an example of that I can't stop staring at them I need them in my life.
3. I am a massive fan of leggings, they are so comfy but still look like you've made an effort. I don't think I need another pair but surely it wouldn't do that much harm?
4. I've been wanting a little cropped jumper for a while so I can give my dresses more wear in the winter months so they're not totally covered by numerous layers, but I could still be nice and toasty! 

Thanks for popping by!

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