Friday, 11 October 2013

HOW TO: French Plait

Hello! Earlier my friend asked me when I was next going to do a hairstyle post, and since lots of my hairstyles feature a French plait I thought i'd better do a tutorial for me to reference back to, which I hope is easy to follow! At the end I've also included some hairstyles which you can get some ideas from!

DISCLAIMERS- the pictures are dark yes, however England has been under a veil of cloud, so brightness for pictures is hard to come by! Do not comment saying my hair is greasy I know, but these styles are a hundred times easy to do on unwashed hair i'm not gonna lie to you as it won't slip and slide everywhere!

This tutorial is just for the front section as I think its the easiest way to learn because there is a lot less hair to play with, and you can easily see it all in a mirror.

ENOUGH CHAT lets get down to it....

You'll need:
Hair (dur), hands (no machinery) and 2 hair bands.
Step 1
Section the front part of your hair, and tie the rest back.
Step 2
Divide the very top section into 3.
Step 3
Bring the middle section under the back section to then become the NEW back section.
Step 4
To the new back section add a little more hair.
Step 5
Then bring the middle section under the front section - forming the NEW front section.
Step 6
Add more hair to that new front section.
Step 7
Then bring the middle section under the back section to form a NEW back section (this step is the same as step 3)
Step 8
Repeat until all hair has been added in.
Step 9
Plait down as far as you like then secure with a hair band.
Two hairstyles!
Number one
Add this into a low ponytail, to make your pony tail a bit more interesting and super cute!
Number 2
This adds a little bit of interest when you wear your hair down, giving it a slightly different look.
I really hope you enjoyed this post!
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