Monday, 27 July 2015

July Favourites

Hello, its time to get back on track, and what better way to start than with my monthly favourites. For the Seventh month I have Six favourites. Its been fairly busy, compared to most of this year for me, hence why I haven't blogged for a week!

Fashion and Beauty
The Silver Bag

I am obsessed with this bag (featured in this haul). Its the perfect size, you can fit in your purse, phone, headphones and a small bottle of water like the ones you get on the train. Plus its just super cool in the shiny silver material.


Despite the fact yesterday and Friday it was just pouring down with rain, to the extent where I'm pretty sure all Brits were considering building an ark. That aside I have got lots of wear of these beauties, I always feel slightly like EssieButton in them. I'm well pleased with this purchase.

Topshop Rio Rio

This is part of the special 5 years of topshop make up range, its a beautiful bright orange undertoned red. Its also a good dupe for the Estee Lauder Kendall Jenner lipstick, so if you wan't a cheaper version of that gogogogo! I love a red lip, this is the perfect way to bring your classic red lip into the summer.

Watch and Listen


If you told me a couple of months ago, that PointlessBlogVlogs would be my favourite youtube channel of the moment, I would've laughed at you. I like watching daily vlogs lots, thats what he does. Bonus you get to see Zoe and Nala. 

Once Upon A Time

I was chillin' at Rosie's house, with her and Ryan. They were both chatting about Once Upon A Time saying how awesome it is. Through a mixture of peer pressure and feeling left out, I thought I should see what the hype was about. Turns out I really like it. If you like fairy tales, but you want to watch something a bit more grown up (says the real life version of Peter Pan) this is for you. I can't wait until Elsa turns up. I'm currently in the early stages of season 2. Yes Netflix I love you.

Whilst I am still in love with Taylor Swift, this past month I have been enjoying the music for Jersey Boys, its mostly all feel good and catchy. My favourite songs are Oh What a Night and Beggin', if you're feeling down listen to these and have a boogey to these ole tunes.

12 Months 12 Books - This is the first month I haven't completed a book, some months I read 2. I was reading Instructions for a Heatwave. I got to about half way through and I just couldn't go any further, it was such an effort to read. I'm not sure what to read in August, but I think I'll go for something by James Patterson as he's one of my favourite authors.

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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Date Balls (inspired by Nakd Bars) | Recipe

Hello! Today I have a super super simple recipe post, for some refined sugar and vegan date balls. These are so tasty and moreish, everything you want out of a sweet treat.

You can count the ingredients on one hand:
Cacao Powder
Nuts (Almonds and Pecans)
Optional Orange Juice

Use an equal weight of Nuts to Dates. Ground your nuts, then pop the nuts and dates into a food processor. Put in Cacao to your taste preference, remembering it is stronger than chocolate. Then add orange juice about 1tbsp to help bind the ingredients together and to give a chocolate orange taste. When the mixture comes together roll into little balls and put in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. 

Did you know Almonds are rich in Vitamin E, Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium?

Other healthy bakes:
Sweet Potato Brownies
Refined Sugar Free Banana Bread

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Monday, 13 July 2015

London Haul

Hello, I know its only been a very small bit of time between this haul and my last. Oops, but seriously since I've been earning money I have definitely been able to curb my spending habits quite considerably I think. Sales are every where and its so easy to be tempted, but I came out with not too much. I basically just bought wardrobe staples which I knew I was missing so I was going to get wear out of them again and again.

Stripes of the Tops
Zara £7.99
Oh my, can I just say that this is the most amazingly soft top ever. Its like walking around in the softest pyjamas ever. 

Another Stripey top, this one is from Pull & Bear, I hadn't heard of this shop before. But after disappointment in Forever 21. Just another practical top, which I can wear out and about, or for exercises.

Denim Shirt
I don't know why I haven't picked up a denim shirt before, I always see Harriet in one, so I was like I need that, and it was quite barginous, again from Pull & Bear.

Longline Waistcoat
I think this might be my star purchase, possibly. This kinda thing is quite literally all over the highstreet, the sort of thing which would cost £35 plus in somewhere like Topshop. This will be good on evenings out, not out out, but to the theatre or out to dinner!

Literally this was such a necessary purchase, my Tiger sunglasses died. I'm one of those people who cannot survive in the sun and my eyes seal themselves shut. We were walking in Camden Market and as you would know if you've been, there are lots of sunglasses stands, so the inevitable happened. I really like these and have worn them lots since.

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Thursday, 9 July 2015

London Wonderings


On Monday the mother and I wondered through London, beginning with picking up tickets for Les Miserables, but more on that in August.

Following this we headed unto Camden market for a gander, before heading on a pretty walk down the canal to Primrose Hill.

 My Outfit: Top, Skirt and Bag (Topshop), Kimono (Primark), Shoes (Converse), Sunglasses (Camden Market)

Following a pit stop for a much needed lunch it was time to walk to the top of Primrose Hill to get that view of London, something I've wanted to see since the first time I went to London years ago.

 One can simply not miss a photo opportunity like this, not one you get everyday!

After taking in the stunning view, it was time to head down Primrose Hill and to have a wonder about in Regents Park.

Squirrels in Regents Park are fairly bold, this one I named Gregg. But I did see another one being fed and petted by other visitors.
A highlight for my Mum and I had to be Queen Mary's Gardens, where we were greeted by this chap watering the plants.

Then it was time to say goodbye to the park, before heading off into Central to get our (my) shop on, haul post coming soon!

I hope you enjoyed this style of post!
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Monday, 6 July 2015

Summer Hair and Make Up

Hello! Summer decided to show its face in the UK, can I get a quick 'Hell Yeah!'? In Summer I tend to go for more of a girlie look beauty wise, because a dark vampy lip can just look a bit harsh.

So to the look!

I kept the make up down to 5 products because I didn't want to be overly fussy. For foundation I used a sample of Estee Lauder Double Wear which I am seriously considering purchasing it seems long lasting and is a good coverage for my face. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. Then for my eyes I used the Bronzer from my Urban Decay Naked Blush Palette in Streak swept over the lids, then gently dabbed the highlighter over the top.
I then used the bronzer again and swept it over my cheeks and where the sun would naturally hit my face. Following that I swirled my brush around and I used that mainly on the apple of the cheeks. The three colours in combination is perfect for lazy days and gives a peachy golden glow, which looks great in the summer. Then on the lips I used my clear blistex roller ball thang to finish of the look.
With my hair I french plaited the top half of my head on both sides and tied both plaits together with a little hair band. Then loosely curled the rest of my hair.

I think this is a simple but lovely summer look to go for, when you want to look polished but not spend 5 hours putting on your make up!

I'm now going to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.
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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Collective Haul | Tiger, Topshop, Ebay, Amazon

Hello! I haven't done a haul in a while, so I thought I would share the collective which I have managed to gather together with you today. I'm going to leave my favourite purchase for last, I'm already placing a bet on it being featured in my July Favourites.

Random Bits

Strawberry Bunting - Tiger
I am fully aware I am lacking a party for this bunting at this very moment in time, however, there will be that moment when there is a need for it and I will not have to go out searching for any.

Memory Card - SanDisk Extreme Pro 16GB
I am forever deleting things on my camera as my memory card was too small, I chose this one because it has plenty of storage space and is high speed so it's perfect for videos.

Turns out you cannot use a random notebook as I diary, things get confusing and you don't when you're working etc. Also this will be perfect for Uni, it has a timetable in the front and I'll easily be able to see when my deadlines are.


Like every other British Basic Bitch, I hate being pale especially in the summer. My favourite type of tan is a gradual tan, they're a bit more work BUT they're easier to maintain and top up. Boots had an offer on, I went for Garnier Summer body which I've tried I think works really well and the St Tropez one.


The Elephant Trousers
I'm going to say this, these are the perfect trousers for summer, they're light and airy, plus they have elephants on them. Leading on from my last purchase they're good for covering up and bad fake tanning experience or to give your skin a break from the sun, without boiling you.

Black Joni Jeans
I feel like Black Jeans are an essential in anyone's wardrobe, and now I have my own. Not much to say there, they are really comfy though as they are that stretchy jeans material, rather than a totally stiff denim.

The Silver Bag
I told you I had left the best for last didn't I? I'd say this is a small to medium bag, its in a satchel style its gorgeous and it's silver soooo yes amazing. To make it even better it was £10 in the Topshop sale! I'm literally obsessed with this, I cannot stop showing this to people.

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