Monday, 13 July 2015

London Haul

Hello, I know its only been a very small bit of time between this haul and my last. Oops, but seriously since I've been earning money I have definitely been able to curb my spending habits quite considerably I think. Sales are every where and its so easy to be tempted, but I came out with not too much. I basically just bought wardrobe staples which I knew I was missing so I was going to get wear out of them again and again.

Stripes of the Tops
Zara £7.99
Oh my, can I just say that this is the most amazingly soft top ever. Its like walking around in the softest pyjamas ever. 

Another Stripey top, this one is from Pull & Bear, I hadn't heard of this shop before. But after disappointment in Forever 21. Just another practical top, which I can wear out and about, or for exercises.

Denim Shirt
I don't know why I haven't picked up a denim shirt before, I always see Harriet in one, so I was like I need that, and it was quite barginous, again from Pull & Bear.

Longline Waistcoat
I think this might be my star purchase, possibly. This kinda thing is quite literally all over the highstreet, the sort of thing which would cost £35 plus in somewhere like Topshop. This will be good on evenings out, not out out, but to the theatre or out to dinner!

Literally this was such a necessary purchase, my Tiger sunglasses died. I'm one of those people who cannot survive in the sun and my eyes seal themselves shut. We were walking in Camden Market and as you would know if you've been, there are lots of sunglasses stands, so the inevitable happened. I really like these and have worn them lots since.

Thanks for popping by!

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