Saturday, 17 May 2014

10 things I want to do this Summer

Hello! So I thought I would do one of these posts again, here is winters and last summers. I am aware these aren't hugely popular posts to read, but I like to do them to keep track of myself, and what I'm aiming to do. Enough chat now.
In no particular order!
1. Get a job - im taking a gap year and I want to earn some money to pay for drama school/uni.
2. Go to the Cat Café in London Town - this just sounds like my kind of heaven, and its necessary for my life I have decided.
3. Read more- I fall in and out of love with reading, but I have three books staring at me in my room waiting to be read.
4. Piercings - I've been wanting to get some more as I only have the standard ear lobe piercings, I deffo want my seconds done and I would really like so cartilage piercings as well.
5. Bike Rides - These are always highlights of my summer, the tradition must keep going strong!
6. Beach trips with my friends - I failed at this last year, I can't be letting that happen again.
7. Picnics - This could occur on 5 or 6 but I just think it would be so so cute.
8. Afternoon Tea - I love baking and I'm going to invite the gals over and we can dress nice and poshly and it will be fab!
9. Go to a dance class at Pineapple Dance Studios - Harriet did this a little while back, and now I am just desperate to go to a jazz class or something, especially since dancing will be shut over the summer.
10. Drive somewhere spontaneously for the day - Sometimes it just nice to drive to somewhere new and have a little explore!

What are your aims for the summer?

Monday, 12 May 2014

Topshop Hayden Jeans

Hello! For a while I've been feeling the lack of Jeans in my wardrobe, hence in both my April and May wish list both featuring a pair. I decided to get the Hayden Jeans as they were something a bit different for me, as I have been so bored of wearing the same kind of thing all the time, wearing leggings and a tee was becoming tedious. If you are buying these bare in mind the leg length is very short usually my leg length is a 28 (petite) but due to the length (or lack off) I went for a 30 and as you can see they are still very much ankle grazers. Another thing if you are part of the big thigh clan like myself, it is 100% were sizing up from your usual size as there isn't much give in the denim like you find in jeans like the Joni and Leighs.

Look 1: The Blazer

I've had my Zara blazer for quite a while now, despite the fact I LOVE it to pieces I feel over dressed in it. I've wanted to pair it with jeans for quite some time now, but as I've mentioned I was lacking Jeans. I like how the blazer is so structured and formal and how it contrasts with the relaxed and edgy nature of the jeans.

Look 2:  The Cropped Jumper

The fact these are high waisted means its a perfect opportunity to rock either a crop top or jumper. Due to the not so warm temperatures in England it was the turn of the cropped jumper. I always think cream and this kinda blue denim goes well together. I paired the outfit with some old Brogues from Office to give it a sort of heritage feel.

Thanks for popping by!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

My Thoughts On Leaving School

Hello! So today's post is a lot more wordy than most of my posts, probably quite lame, and I am probably one of the very few who don't want to leave school.

I've been going to school pretty much everyday of my life for the last 15 years, I started just before my 5th Birthday and will be leaving a few months before my 20th, and to be honest I can't fathom it. If you told me in year 10 I would be dreading leaving school I would've laughed you off.

sometime in year 10

Year 11 Prom

But now I've had the best two years of my life since changing my A Level options and school, even though I moan about work and things I love the subjects I've chosen, I like my teachers, and I have made friends who are going to be life long friends who I cannot imagine living without a big shout out to Hollie and Rosie, its going to suck not seeing you guys all the time.

Sneaky Hairspray Selfie

Year 13 in-joke

But if I'm honest with myself its because I don't know what is to become of me, a bit dramatic there. I already have friends at uni studying away with careers in mind and friends who are off to uni with careers in mind and they have a life plan.

Playing Brigitta in the Sound of Music

Since I was little and I did my first ever show I've known I want to be on the stage, in Musical Theatre, in order to follow my dream this year I applied for courses at drama schools, but I didn't get in. Its left me at a stop gap in my life, and I have questions floating around in my head, such as should I apply again to the same highly rated places? Is there any point in applying again? Should I apply to a University to do a course in Musical Theatre, with less links with the West End and considerably less past students in the West End? What the fuck am I going to do with my life? Should I just do a course in drama or dance or both? What do I want to be if I'm not meant to be in musical theatre? Will I be satisfied with my life if I can never do what I would love to do?

Next year is going to have some big changes clearly, whilst working out what to do with my life I will be working, being a proper adult, how weird, I will finally have to let go of my childhood something I do not want to do anytime soon, but who truly does want to grow up that is the question?

I'm not sure if/when I am going to put this up.

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Saturday, 3 May 2014

May Wishlist

Hello! Now I don't know if its just me but when you have no money you seem to want the world and you just can't afford it and when you have money you could be spending you can't find anything online in the shops, and you're convinced that places are just hiding their good stuff, just to spite you when you're poor. Currently my financial situation is in tatters I owe people money and I can't pay them back SO naturally I just can find so many things I would like as you can see on my pinterest, here. But here are my top pics from what I've pinned recently...

1. So I might've have seen this in a haul by Sunbeamsjess a while back and had totally forgotten its existence untill I saw it my local Topshop, I swear mine just gets things in  delayed fashion from time to time which is annoying, Its totally different to anything I own and I think it would make a good edition to my wardrobe.

2. I don't know what is but I repeatedly find myself on the Asos kimono section, I just think they're effortless and so easy to chuck on over a really basic outfit and really just bump up the outfit to 'I didn't make an effort but I sure look like I did' thats a thing right?!

3. Hi my wardrobe is seriously lacking in the jeans department full stop. Ripped jeans are all over the shop right now and I want to jump onto the band wagon. They would look good with both the top and kimono.

4.Right now I just have an obsession with green lensed sunglasses whenever I'm in town I am on the hunt. In the ideal world I would have these or the Rayban Aviators because just because really. *world's worst reasoning ever*

Thanks for popping by!