Tuesday, 6 May 2014

My Thoughts On Leaving School

Hello! So today's post is a lot more wordy than most of my posts, probably quite lame, and I am probably one of the very few who don't want to leave school.

I've been going to school pretty much everyday of my life for the last 15 years, I started just before my 5th Birthday and will be leaving a few months before my 20th, and to be honest I can't fathom it. If you told me in year 10 I would be dreading leaving school I would've laughed you off.

sometime in year 10

Year 11 Prom

But now I've had the best two years of my life since changing my A Level options and school, even though I moan about work and things I love the subjects I've chosen, I like my teachers, and I have made friends who are going to be life long friends who I cannot imagine living without a big shout out to Hollie and Rosie, its going to suck not seeing you guys all the time.

Sneaky Hairspray Selfie

Year 13 in-joke

But if I'm honest with myself its because I don't know what is to become of me, a bit dramatic there. I already have friends at uni studying away with careers in mind and friends who are off to uni with careers in mind and they have a life plan.

Playing Brigitta in the Sound of Music

Since I was little and I did my first ever show I've known I want to be on the stage, in Musical Theatre, in order to follow my dream this year I applied for courses at drama schools, but I didn't get in. Its left me at a stop gap in my life, and I have questions floating around in my head, such as should I apply again to the same highly rated places? Is there any point in applying again? Should I apply to a University to do a course in Musical Theatre, with less links with the West End and considerably less past students in the West End? What the fuck am I going to do with my life? Should I just do a course in drama or dance or both? What do I want to be if I'm not meant to be in musical theatre? Will I be satisfied with my life if I can never do what I would love to do?

Next year is going to have some big changes clearly, whilst working out what to do with my life I will be working, being a proper adult, how weird, I will finally have to let go of my childhood something I do not want to do anytime soon, but who truly does want to grow up that is the question?

I'm not sure if/when I am going to put this up.

Thanks for popping by!

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