Monday, 31 March 2014

Lipstick Haulin'

Hello! Ever since I got Rebel from MAC I have just been loving bold bright lips, I don't even care if this season its all about the sheer colours, soooo recently I have picked 3 new lip sticks woo!

Here they are:

1. Topshop Boom Boom Creamy Finish
2. Topshop Depth Velvet Finish
3. MAC Russian Red Matte Finish

Swatches on hand
In the Shade

In the Sunlight

My most worn simply has to be Russian Red I've never had a matte lipstick before was a little hesitant to get it because I though it would show up any cracks and dry skin in my lips, and I really don't think it does. The colour is really complementary on my skin which is always great, due to it being a blue toned red it also means it doesn't make my teeth look yellow, score. The lasting power is really good, I wore it for all of my Hairspray performances, and on some of the shows I didn't bother to top up the colour at the interval, another good thing is it doesn't really transfer when you kiss, as Link didn't have to perform the rest of the studio scene with a nice bit of red lipstick on his lips!!

My least favourite has to be Boom Boom, I think its that I just don't like the finish on my lips. When I swatch it on my hand it looks really nice and pigmented. It doesn't have the same effect on my lips and takes lots of layering up, and 'patting down' (if you know what I mean brownie points for you haha), to get near my desired look, and when it get near you can see the lines of my lips and its really not that attractive!

Finally we have Depth, which I think is really similar to colours from MAC like Cyber. This has a way more pigmented finish on the lips and is buildable to get a nice strong colour or alternatively you can use it as a bit of a stain I should think. I am really pleased with this one, expect it to appear on my face soon in Outfit posts.

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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Socks and Sandals

Hello! Last week I posted about my lil obsession which was growing about geek shoes. I might've made a sneaky order for these bad boiis from Topshop!

They are the Florence Gladiator Sandals. I might be in love with a little (a lot) *squeals* they are just so damn cute, I can't wait to wear them with bare feet in the summer, but when it gets a little more spring like I plan to wear them with cute frilly socks, which I bought specifically for these shoes I'm not going to lie!

What are your opinions on these?
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Sunday, 23 March 2014

lusting after- Geek Shoes

Hello, I feel I am late onto this 'trend' but they are just so cute, and really remind me of the shoes I used to wear when I was little! I think I first start loving them after Zoella featured them in a haul a while ago now.. here are my top picks! All of these would look adorable with frilly socks and a pretty dress in spring and summer.

4. Martie T-Bar Geek Shoes

What do you think of this style of shoe? and which is your fave?

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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Healthy pizza style omelette

 Hello! *photos all taken on my phone so excuse quality* Like my last post this is super duper delayed!
2 Medium Eggs
a pinch of salt and pepper
Chopped salad I've chose cherry tomatoes, Red pepper and Rocket
Basil and Oregano (typical Italian herbs)
thinly sliced sausage (ideally pepperoni)
Lil pieces of ham
and a handful of grated cheese!
Crack the eggs into a jug, add a pinch of salt and pepper, and sprinkle in the herbs. Whisk them together.
Melt a knob (hehe) of butter in a frying pan on a medium high heat
Poor in the egg mixture and cook

Once its starts to resemble an omelette its nearly cooked through and with a spatula you can lift up the edge.
Add in your filling.
Fold in half, and once you are happy it is cooked serve on a plate.
This meal takes a maximum of 10 minutes and was super easy! You could always swap the sausage for chicken, or fish, saladyy components for vegetables, this would also be nice as cheese and onion omelette. Experiment with what you want!
Hope you enjoyed this post,
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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Favourite Evening Outfits

Hello! As the weather is starting to pick up, I needed to do this post before it became irrelevant as these are some of my favourite outfits that I have worn when I've gone out in the evening time over the winter.

The Playsuit

This a more dressed down outfit for this playsuit so its good for going out for an evening meal, the brogues and long cardigan give this outfit a really nice vintage feel. This cardigan will be making loads of appearances on the blog over the year i'm sure as I love it soooo much!

The Velvet LBD

What makes this dress so great, its velvet and its a really flattering shape. I wore this on new years and to my friend's 18th ages ago. This how delayed this post is haha!!!

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Sunday, 16 March 2014


Hello! I haven't been posting recently because I have been super busy in rehearsal for Hairspray next week, and trying/struggling to keep up with school work, but the blog shall be back on track from now I hope, I've had some time to type up a couple of delayed posts, so all is good! Now is the time to show off my hairspray hoodie which I've been living in for the last couple of months.

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Sunday, 9 March 2014

A fine spring day

Hello, long time no see, lets hop into the post!

With the sun out this yesterday morning I went out into Norwich with my friend Tess to find a 1920's dress at the Norwich Flea Market and a vintage shop, however it turns out these are basically impossible to get hold off and if you can they are super duper expensive, so the cause was abandoned as we headed into The Bicycle Shop, which is not a a shop which sells bikes surprisingly, it is a cafe/bar. 

It was only the morning so we stuck to tea and coffee. I went for the very healthy peppermint tea and Tess went for a Latte.

Very resonably priced for £1.40 I was just expecting a cup of tea, but I got a whole tea pot worths to enjoy! This is very much the opposite of the sleak chain coffee shops, it is personal with the quirky mismatched crockery, books on books shelfs, the little notices on black boards 'If we are more than five minutes come and find us' and they bring you your drinks, which tbh is a God send I'm not sure I could mange to carry my tea successful up the windy stairs!?
Just how look how lovely the room is upstairs, which we had to ourselves for a fair amount of time as we were quite the early birds for a Saturday morning. 
Finally I just wanted to leave you with an image of all the pretty spring flowers starting to come out in my garden!

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