Sunday, 9 March 2014

A fine spring day

Hello, long time no see, lets hop into the post!

With the sun out this yesterday morning I went out into Norwich with my friend Tess to find a 1920's dress at the Norwich Flea Market and a vintage shop, however it turns out these are basically impossible to get hold off and if you can they are super duper expensive, so the cause was abandoned as we headed into The Bicycle Shop, which is not a a shop which sells bikes surprisingly, it is a cafe/bar. 

It was only the morning so we stuck to tea and coffee. I went for the very healthy peppermint tea and Tess went for a Latte.

Very resonably priced for £1.40 I was just expecting a cup of tea, but I got a whole tea pot worths to enjoy! This is very much the opposite of the sleak chain coffee shops, it is personal with the quirky mismatched crockery, books on books shelfs, the little notices on black boards 'If we are more than five minutes come and find us' and they bring you your drinks, which tbh is a God send I'm not sure I could mange to carry my tea successful up the windy stairs!?
Just how look how lovely the room is upstairs, which we had to ourselves for a fair amount of time as we were quite the early birds for a Saturday morning. 
Finally I just wanted to leave you with an image of all the pretty spring flowers starting to come out in my garden!

Thanks for popping by


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