Monday, 25 August 2014

Great British Bake Off Technical Bakes | Cake, Biscuit, Bread

Hello! The Great British Bake Off is one of my favourite programmes out there on TV, it might possibly be my favourite, from the innuendos, the puns and the loss of rationality over cakes, I get eggcited every week. I could possibly admit to wishing away my year waiting for it to be on. This year I've taken my love of it to a new level and am baking the technical bake each week and will be telling you how they've gone... think Julie and Julia but not to anywhere near the extreme, I have something like 10 weeks, lets go.

Week 1: Cakes

The first challenge was Mary's Cherry Cake, link to recipe here,  this wasn't my most successful bake in anyway at all, firstly I don't own a bundt tin which is basically a massive ring doughnut shape so I Yo to the Lo'd and used a standard old cake tin, this wasn't the answers to my prayers I had hope for and basically the top of the cake started to look very dark (a bit black) but unfortunately the middle was a bit squidgy (raw) meaning that 2/3 of the cake was edible. Alas it wasn't all misfortune I had made the mixture thick enough so that the cherries were suspended throughout the mixture and hadn't sunk to the bottom of the cake, which was one of the main things being noted when the bakers were making it on the show. So overall I'd say it was an alright bake and give myself 6/10.
Here's a fun fact from the Guardian 'Waitrose reported a 25% lift in sales of the processed cherries' this was due to the so called 'Bake Off Effect'. I think I am part of the proof.
Week 2: Biscuits
one of my favourite things melting butter and sugar, its divine
This challenge was to make Florentines, something I had never heard of and I don't think the bakers had either, well most of them. One of my faves Martha new what she was doing. My personal thoughts on this recipe is I have never been so sticky making anything glace cherries are sticky, candied peel is sticky and the worst offender golden syrup. What have I learnt from this recipe, I urgently need to find better baking parchment or an alternative as I took for ever slowly peeling the paper from the back. You do not need 200g of chocolate that's for sure, I had loads extra next time I will be using half the amount. Overall these tasted delicious but with the baking paper issue I am going to give myself 7/10.
Week 3: Bread
Finally (for now) the challenge was Ciabatta, time and time again I have said I can't make bread, I am not good at it, but its something I would like to improve on. On GBBO Mel and Sue asked Paul if he had any advice for the bakers he said one word 'Patience', and boy oh boy do you knead it (hehe) this recipe was like looking after a small child. After mixing together half the flour, water, and yeast, then kneading it, next instruction leave to rise for at least 6 hours, you can see where the patience was needed! Tip *start making this the night before*. I would say the recipe was easy to follow, although I would have liked my bread to rise a bit more in the oven when it was actually baking, it still tasted good though in my lunch. Overall I am going to give myself a 6.5/10, I don't think I had enough patience for this one.
I'm a bit scared for my friends to try my other loaf of it at Hanna's dinner party #thefearisreal
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Monday, 18 August 2014

The Denim Jacket

Hello! This Monday post is up later than usual because I didn't get the chance to sort it out last night, but nevertheless here it is. Today I am featuring this gorgeous 80's Liberty Levi Jacket, OH. MY. GOD. *and breath*

First of all can we have round of applause for the lining *applause*. Yep we're not even on to the outside.

Okay here is just hanging there in all its gorgeousness on my bedroom door.

And here I am wearing my new baby, which I feel in Love with, Love at first sight does exist... Like Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story but without the deaths as we two are very much alive!

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Summer Holiday Dreaming

Hello! I don't know if you're my age but if you are 19 and not travelling the world, and people you know are and your facebook feed is full of travelling pictures, do you know what it sucks, it also gives me serious...
One of my best friends has been interrailling in Europe, as she sat their telling me all the details, which I naturally insisted on her doing, I might've been salivating at the lips a little I can't lie to you. I know people who are going around in the USA, South America, Asia, you name it I know someone who has been/is there.

Due to this I went a little bit crazy on Pinterest, in the process making myself even more desperate to explore the world. Oh wait and I made a collage to show you what I have been looking at.
All pictures are from pinterest none of which are mine

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Monday, 11 August 2014

Summer Style Edit | Harriet

Hello! Today on the blog I am joined by Harriet, who I featured on the blog last year and I brought her back. She is a fashion student so I think she knows one or two things about clothes so, I pictured her and then asked her about her outfit.

'I chose a skort because, I don't like wearing skirts and shorts aren't always as elegant, where as I feel a skort is. I love the khaki colour but because it is dark I tried to brighten it for summer, so I chose white shirt with an orange crop top underneath, and my Zara shoes which are actually a dupe for the Valentino, purchased in the sale for £7.99 a small fraction of the Valentino price.'

I really want a skort now haha...

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Thursday, 7 August 2014

August Wishlist

Hello! Its August and I am dreaming off having more stuff to wear and use etc, but as usual I am severly lacking the funds to do so... shocking that. Here it is anyway :)

I have no idea why my background on this image isn't white grr

1. I have an extreme weakness for t-shirts specifically white t-shirts so naturally I was drawn to this, like a duck to water. So why should it take place in my wardobe of white t-shirts, I like my star sign and it looks cool! < the reasoning 'it looks cool' is what i use to justify every purchase, very bad I know.

2. STAND BACK and admire the beauty take a couple of seconds/minutes to take this top in, it is truly gorgeous and stunning. Its so floaty and delicate *angel voices* I have feelings towards this unexplained probably unnecessary feelings, but nevertheless I have them feels.

3. Did I mention I have a white t-shirt problem? I need some kind of therapy because I also have a white shoe obsession. *Multiple white trainers and some white sandals...* I think I can justify why I would like these. I need some heels which are more summery, white is summery and these are sandals, also summery. Plus they definitely I have a Jeffrey Campbell feel about them and are a fraction of the price. These also come in black if that is more your thing.

4. Pineapples are just in this year, and therefore so is this dress. I already have one pineapple dress from Zara but this one is totally different. Pineapples are just so fun and show you don't take life to seriously I just hope that this trend is still a trend next year! OMG its in the sale I just hope when I actually get some money that this is still available, I will keep you up to date!

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Monday, 4 August 2014

Floral Pelmet Skirt | #theessiebuttoneffect

Hello! I haven't done an outfit post in God knows how long, the posing was awkward my face was awkward but I did manage to take a couple of decent pictures... not great but I don't think they will offend you too much! On to what I am wearing...
Just look at the beauty (of the skirt not my squinty face)

This skirt I originally saw on Estee, and love for that skirt hit me. I love the shape of it, pelmet if we're going to get into the technicalities of things. I think the print is just so so pretty and I love the darker panel up the side. And here's the bonus I think it will transfer into the winter as well (not that I want to think about it) and look beauts with tights and boots. Thank you Estee I am one very happy person :) I paired it with the simple black top, and simple flatforms and let the skirt do all the talking here.

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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Going Krazy for Kimonos

Hello! So just a super quick little post on this fine Saturday. There is one trend I have been dying to try this summer and that is Kimonos, them gorgeous beauties. I really wanna get my hands on one, but there is so much choice in what to go for... here are some which have been sitting on my Pinterest for a little while now.

If you want to find them to be honest they're mostly from topshop because that is my fave place to shop!

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