Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Summer Holiday Dreaming

Hello! I don't know if you're my age but if you are 19 and not travelling the world, and people you know are and your facebook feed is full of travelling pictures, do you know what it sucks, it also gives me serious...
One of my best friends has been interrailling in Europe, as she sat their telling me all the details, which I naturally insisted on her doing, I might've been salivating at the lips a little I can't lie to you. I know people who are going around in the USA, South America, Asia, you name it I know someone who has been/is there.

Due to this I went a little bit crazy on Pinterest, in the process making myself even more desperate to explore the world. Oh wait and I made a collage to show you what I have been looking at.
All pictures are from pinterest none of which are mine

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