Monday, 4 August 2014

Floral Pelmet Skirt | #theessiebuttoneffect

Hello! I haven't done an outfit post in God knows how long, the posing was awkward my face was awkward but I did manage to take a couple of decent pictures... not great but I don't think they will offend you too much! On to what I am wearing...
Just look at the beauty (of the skirt not my squinty face)

This skirt I originally saw on Estee, and love for that skirt hit me. I love the shape of it, pelmet if we're going to get into the technicalities of things. I think the print is just so so pretty and I love the darker panel up the side. And here's the bonus I think it will transfer into the winter as well (not that I want to think about it) and look beauts with tights and boots. Thank you Estee I am one very happy person :) I paired it with the simple black top, and simple flatforms and let the skirt do all the talking here.

Thanks for popping by!


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