Saturday, 30 April 2016

April Favourites

Hello, I have been totally useless on the blog front. To be totally honest with you my life is up in the air totally, so the blog had to sit in the back seat, again. However I do have plenty of ideas for posts, so now that things are evening out I can get back on it (like a car bonnet). I'm kicking it all back off with my April Favourites.

Getting the ball rolling with a podcast. I never thought I would be the person to listen to podcast, but I have really been enjoying Ladies Who Lunch when I've be strolling around.
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It is by Ingrid Nilsen and Cat Valdes They cover topics which are definitely aimed towards millennials, aimed towards women, not specifically but I can't imagine too many guys tuning in. They have covered friendship, online dating and body image (as of time of typing). It has made me think about possibly voicing my opinion of certain topics on this blog, to give it more depth. Couldn't recommend this enough.

April was the month Netflix re-entered my life. PLL was back, Once Upon a Time was back. Neither of these is my Netflix fave, soz. One of the most hyped series of recent times is Love.
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Which is marketed as a more realistic portrayal of a relationship forming. With bumps, not backs and not your typical storyline. I really liked this and I hope there will be another season because it's totally different to most things out there, most importantly its funny.

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If you know me, you know I am totally addicted to YouTube. Someone I have watched for many years now is Kate La Vie (definitely mentioned her before) she has started uploading weekly vlogs - I LOVE a good vlog. Her bf Jordan is hilarious and her cat Mouse is adorable. Did I mention she is the QUEEN of interiors, literal actual goals.

Can we please talk about Marks and Spencer's new food line they have brought out for spring/summer, on my way to work most days I find myself trying something new, especially their wraps. Price point I'd say is a little cheaper than Pret, but its not a Boots meal deal. The other day I had a pulled pork wrap and that one purchase made that day a very good day.

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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Ivy Park Legging Review - Worth the Hype?

Hello. Have you heard the hype surrounding Beyonce's gym wear range at TopShop - Ivy Park? Yes you have. I absolutely fell for these leggings '"V" Mid-Rise Printed Ankle Leggings' with this eye catching print.

I'm going to answer the question - yes it is worth the hype.

I've heard a few people comment on the price, saying that its expensive. For sportswear I would say its definitely middle ground, especially when you look at the prices of lulu lemon and Sweaty Betty. It's not going to be as cheap as Primark, because its all well made and the quality is there. You're really not paying for it to be attached to Beyonce's name.

The leggings are thick lycra material almost feeling slightly like scuba. These are the Mid Rise leggings which I was slightly concerned about for when I am stretching in the gym, no one wants a builders bum especially at the gym. They stay in place and there is no need for pulling them up in preparation for squats (ladies we've all been there).

My favourite feature has to be the built in lining around the butt - like an extra pair of knickers. As someone with a bigger bootay leggings have a tendency to be a little um thin around the butt and underwear selection is very important. NOT anymore.

Overall a big yes from me, I am very pleased I succumbed to the hype.

Unfortunately as of writing this these had gone from the website, but there is a good chance they are still in stores.

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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Instagram Catch Up #2

Hello! I have been the worst blogger recently, by not blogging. So on this rainy April Tuesday morning I thought I would pop up a nice quick post, and I will be back at it properly before you know it. Probably worth a mention I now have my instagram feed on the side bar, which is very exciting!

1. I'm throwing back to Easter, my gifts this year from the Easter Bunny were way to cute and adorable not insta. Unfortunately Percy and Penny have gone to heaven (my tummy).
2. These socks are possibly the most adorable thing, thank you Easter Bunny!
3. Sometimes my instagram turns into a Norwich tourism type job, these houses were to picturesque just to simply walk by on a daily basis.
4. It's known that I am the proudest of Cat mummy's so it is no surprise this crazy cat lady has pictured her sleeping ginger ninja.

5. Remember in the last point when I said I was a proud cat mummy, yeah that.
6. I don't normally make instagrammable food, so I thought I'd snap this delightful breakfast I had the other day.
7. Quay sunglasses, insert all the heart eye emojis 😍!! I'm absolutely obsessed with them, expect to see them in some kind of blog post soon.
8. What white girl doesn't sneak in a picture of her starbucks, it has to be done from time to time.

I hope you enjoyed my quickly prepared post.
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Saturday, 2 April 2016

March Favourites

Hello we've reached an end of another month, so crazy. We had a tease of what spring will be like on Good Friday and I'm now looking forward to warmer times. In April I'm going to my first Hen Do (I'm not the one getting married for obvious reasons) which is very exciting, and I have two jobs once more so my bank account is going to be a lot happier!

All this month I have been loving overnight oats. Either chocolate overnight oats (which I think of as healthy cocopops) with chopped up banana or almond milk oats with chopped up banana anblueberries. I know it seems lots of effort to prepare the night before, but there is nothing better than having to make 0 effort in the morning!

This month I've either been in work clothes or the pyjamas I've immediately climbed into once getting home. My favourite outfit detail has been these absolutely adorable bunny socks from topshop which I wore on Easter Sunday.

TV and Film
Heading Out - Sue Perkins
I have been having a right Sue Perkins moment!! This is a great sitcom, about a vet who is too nervous to come out to her parents as she turns 40, so her friends decide she needs some psychological treatment to help her get over her fears. Full of awkward moments, laughs and guest stars such as Dawn French and Mel Giedroyc. This is a perfect British sitcom and its truly a shame there are only 6 episodes. Well worth a watch.

Man Up
Continuing with the British theme, (despite the fact Lake Bell is indeed American shh) we move to the romantic comedy. Nancy is a mid thirties singleton and Jack is 40 recently divorced. Due to a case of mistaken identity, Nancy accidentally becomes Jack's blind date who is supposed to be 24 year old Jessica. I mean this sounds like a great storyline, doesn't it?!  This film is up there with Love Actually in my books. You can buy this BUT you can watch it on Amazon Prime video.

The Good Lie
I feel like the trailer sets this film up to mediocre at best, so don't watch that, this really is a strong and emotive film. It begins as civil war is breaking out in Sudan, innocent villagers inner stuck in the crossfire and mass killings. Survivors have to walk 1000 miles to Kenya before reaching a refugee camp. Years pass as the characters in the film arrive as children to the camp, are transported to America. After being displaced from their sister they have to adjust to their new lives in the west supported by Carrie played by Reese Witherspoon.

Image credit - Helen Anderson
Helen Anderson/Anderz
I don't know why but I've only just started watching Helen. It started when she announced she was doing daily vlogs as they are my absolute favourites to watch. I like her style and content, and I'm glad she's not the typical monochrome, nude lipstick loving youtuber because I'm bored of that.

Spotify playlists -
Acoustic Covers
My favourite songs include You've Got Time, Out of the Woods and Pompeii.

The Great British Breakfast
My favourite songs include Suddenly I See, Rolling in the Deep and Put Your Records On.

Finally I just wanted to let you know what videos I have uploaded this month.

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