Sunday, 29 September 2013

September Faves

Hello! This month I've found it super hard to narrow down my favourite things because despite being back at school this has been such a good month :D

I thought I should start with beauty bits as I don't normally but this month I have a few
First up is the Lush Bubblegum lip scrub, for me it has two uses, one is to buff my lips to make them nice and soft for lipstick application and you know what it has deffo made a difference, it really helps me personally when the lipstick fades, as it no longer sticks so much in dry patches. NOW the second use is really simple I just like to sit there and smell it because it just smells divine!

Next up is the Real Techniques Blush brush... I had been wanting this for ages, since I really got into reading blogs and watching youtube about a year ago, the hype about real techniques made me desperate to get my hands on at least one to see what the hype was all about! And you know what I haven't been let down, first of all it applies product well and secondly it is soooo soft :)

I'm not going to go into much detail, as it has had some coverage on the blog already, but its the Maybelline the Rocket Mascara which I love.

Finally in the Beauty segment I have the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Crush. This is the perfect berry colour for autumn, I really want to get a similar colour in lipstick form which might last a bit longer, but for now I'm happy with it!

Now moving onto Fashion Faves!
So number one is my dark green jeans, I just cannot get enough of wearing them, but i'm getting to the stage where I am definitely wearing them way too much... oops, but apart from these literally my only bottoms are leggings and you can't be wearing them all the time!
Secondly the Topshop Cami in the picture. I love the colour, I love how it looks and its super comfortable as well which is such a bonus!
Finally my heeled Chelsea boots which really could be in any months favourite, but I have been wearing them a lot recently i.e. pretty much all the time.

Random Faves
Firstly a new discovery it is the Twinings Cherry and Cinnamon tea, omg, with most flavoured tea you are basically drinking hot water. Not with this one, hell no! Although I don't want to be thinking about it this just smells of Christmas... along with the ol Gingerbread Latte this drink is gonna help me through autumn and winter!

 half eaten sticky toffee pudding
yum chocolate pudding 
Next up is these amazing puddings by Aunty's within 30 seconds you have a tasty and delicious desert, my fave is the chocolate, don't just take my word for it my brother also loves it and my lovely friend Rosie loved it when she came over!

TO finish my faves is HAIRSPRAY, you may know I went to see it if you read this post where I shared my thoughts on it, so i'm not gonna repeat myself! I also said that I got Amber in our school production :) So far we have only had dance rehearsals as we're gonna put our 'you can't stop the beat' dance into our school dance show, I wish we had more rehearsals because I have so much fun doing it! I can't wait to get the script and the score either so much excitement over here!!!

Thanks for popping by, I hope that October will be as fun as September was!
What have been your faves this month?

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Casual Sixthform ootd

Hello. since my last couple of posts have been more dressy I thought I should do a more sixthfrom appropriate outfit which is more casual, you can't always be going to school in heels now, especially when you do practical subjects!

Plain white tee + grey waist coat (old), JW Leggings, Converse

Leggings are perfect to wear, as I do performance studies and dance, they are super easy to move in obvs and comfy!

And here's my make up I wore which is just some eyeliner on top of my lids, no flicks or anythang as I was in a rush yesterday morning (as usual), and then on my lips the No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in Waterlily which is a lovely pastel pink!

Thanks for popping by!


Friday, 27 September 2013

Hairspray OOTN

Hello guys!

Yesterday I went to the theatre to see Hairspray with the very lovely Rosie, and it was amazing, I was super excited to go as i'm actually playing Amber in our school production! I'm gonna admit it right now i'm not a huge fan of the film (don't shoot me!!!) but being in the theatre just made it, the atmosphere wasalmost electric, especially in the duet between Edna and Wilbur, the scene was just hilarious as he caressed her boobs (not sure that was the best word!) the auditiorium was so quiet, and then as it went on it started with everyone giggling as they held the audiences attention there were roar od laughter, something which you can't capture in film I don't think.

So onto the outfit, now this is very similar to my last Outfit post, but I think it shows how just by changing one item you get quite a different look, or even just a different hairstyle!

sneaky closeish up of my hoops!
Cardi, top and shoes same as here, skirt & hoops topshop, bracelet accessorize

I like this outfit for going to the theatre because its nice and dressed up, but its not overly formal and occassion appropriate.

Hope you enjoyed the post!


Sunday, 22 September 2013

a mainly topshop ootd (as per)

Hello! Today I went for a smarter than necessary outfit, as my nan was coming round and I don't want her to think her only granddaughter is a tramp. As it is a bit warmer today I thought I'd give my new(ish) cardi another chance to be worn before it gets too cold to wear it!

My jeans are leigh jeans from the petite section I got them back at the start of the year so I doubt they'll still have the exact colour etc, I love these jeans they are the perfect length and as you might know they aren't a stiff denimy material. This cami from Topshop is inspired by Anna from Vivianna does make up, but it was my friend Naomi who pushed me over the edge and made me want to buy one. I am super glad I got it I usually despise strappy vests as they generally hug me in all the wrong places, but I love how floaty and flattering this one is! As I mentioned I'd wearing my forever 21 cardi, to finish the outfit I put on my healed Chelsea boot (from Topshop), some bracelets and bow earrings!

Thanks for popping by!
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Saturday, 21 September 2013

you blue me away

Hello! A while back I stumbled across Nails Inc Baker Street I feel in love with the colour, however I own another nail polish from nails inc and I wasn't impressed with  the quality of the product, so despite my love for the colour I let it go. I thought all hope was lost in the world until through the power of blogs and youtube I discovered a dupe, from Topshop which is AWOL.

On the website this nail polish averages at 4.9 stars in the review section, and I completely understand why! The picture above was taken a solid 4 days after I put it on, with NO topcoat and it has barely chipped, normally nail polish chips like there is no tomorrow and I'm for ever toping it up. The colour, is described as Electric Blue, it is so bright, but I would personally say it has a slight pastel edge despite the brightness. AWOL has earned me loads of compliments, if you love nail polish this is one to add to your collection you will not regret it, in fact I insist you get it, I LOVE IT THAT MUCH!
Thanks for popping by!
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Friday, 20 September 2013

What slap yo' wearing?

Hello! I was going to call this post what's on my face, but I thought that would sound like I'm an expert in make up, unfortunately that's not the case. My last post featured lots of things from boots, I forgot to swatch stuff so I've decided to show you how things look in situ.

I would just like to do a quick disclaimer I am a teenager I have spots deal with it!!

What I used: Real Techniques Expert face brush and blush brush, Max Factor Smooth Effect Foundation in Buff Beige, Max Factor Perfection Blush in Natural Glow, Natural Collection Loose Powder in Neutral Translucent, Maybelline Color Tattoo in On and On Bronze, Maybelline the Rocket Volum' Express and Rimmel :Lasting Finish Lipstick in Heart Breaker.

without mascara

The finished look fairly neutral and totally wearable, with a pop of colour on the lips perfect for a day at sixthform! I am really enjoying using the rocket volum' mascara, I've used quite a few, and this is my new favourite above my beloved 2000 calorie mascara from Max Factor. I love that this mascara gives me volume and length, it isn't super clumpy nor does it look like my eyelashes have been replaced with spider legs!
Hope you enjoyed this post, would you like to see more like this?

Thursday, 19 September 2013

New Beauty Bits!

Hello! this should be the final haul type post for a while *phew* some of these were presents and some I picked up in boots on a couple of occasions, I've decided I'm just going to link what I bought, as I feel wrong doing that with presents!


Firstly two lipsticks which I picked up before my birthday the first one is max factor Pink Brandy which as it suggests is a pink colour but I feel it has an orangey undertone. The second one is Rimmel Lasting Finish in Heart Breaker, this is a deep but fairly bright pink which I love!

This is from my second boots visit! I got the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in translucent and Maybelline the Rocket mascara which are products raved about by Tanya Burr, and now I can see why! I also got the Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze, which I have been looking for, for ages this is raved about on youtube and the blogosphere at the moment I am pleased with it! Finally a non-raved about product, to my knowledge at least is a product recommendation from the queen of eyeliner herself my very good friend Rosie, the collection Extreme 24hr felt tip liner. So far I have gotten on well with it, the nib is fairly firm but not too firm so for a noob has been fairly easy to use!!

close up!
 From Lush llip scrub in bubble gum, Honey I washed the kids soap (my fave soap fyi) and the comforter bubble bar.
 Real Techniques blush brush and expert face brush, which so far I have been loving, and can totally see what all the hype is about! SO much better than the boots own brand brushes haha
Lip Gloss in the cutest little pot, the most delicious smelling lip balm, Maybelline Color Show nail polishes in - Urban Turquoise, Berry Fusion and finally Topshop nail polish in AWOL which I have been lusting after for ages!!
Thanks for popping by, if you want a more in depth opinion please let me know in the comments!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Baking gifts

Hello again! I was going to put this in the random category but I thought it deserved its own little post. If you have been following my blog you'll know a) I like to bake and b) i'm a massive Great British Bake Off fan. Most of these gifts were give to me by Harriet apart from one.

This is the box which everything came in, with lots of pictures on it of us!

okay where to start?? doilies perfect for presentation, piping bags, a wooden spoon set with pastel handles, 'K' cookie cutter, pretty cupcake cases and most importantly glitter of the edible variety!!! 
Now for the star that outshines all the other stars the latest great British. bake off recipe book I'm already looking forward to making a couple of things such as the Chocolate and Raspberry Pavlova which sounds delicious omg!

 Hope you enjoyed this post, hopefully I'll be using everything really soon!


Sunday, 15 September 2013

Birthday OOTN

Hello! Here is my outfit I wore on Friday for my meal with my fave gals!

Dress, Boots, Jacket - Topshop, Clutch Newlook, Revlon Balm Stain, Rimmel Nail Polish rapid ruby

us grace-facing
Hope you enjoyed this post

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Clothing and random gifts

Hello! So as I write this its my birthday, I am 19 years old whaaaat!?!? So I thought I'd show you a few things which I received as you might be interested :) I expect that my new clothes will soon be appearing in outfit posts!

 T-shirt Zara
 you can guess where the leggings are from I think!
Blazer from Zara!
why do I have 5 giraffes I hear you call? well because I had my birthday meal at giraffe, and they gave some to the table, then Harriet took the pink one which I wanted, but the lovely staff gave me one in each colour hehe!
I have got some other birthday posts coming, I also have a school advice type post would that be of any interest to anyone?
Thanks for popping by!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Style Obsession #3

Hello! I haven't done one of these posts for ages! But I was thinking about what am I actually obsessed with then I had the purrfect idea CATS! At the moment there are a fair share of cat print things available in the shops so it seemed ideal. Here are my picks, lets just say number 1 is my outstanding favourite :)

I think there's a reason why I'm Krazy Kat Lady on twitter haha!
Thanks for popping by


Saturday, 7 September 2013

*Milkmaid plaits*

Hello! Yesterday I had a bit of time before school, so thought I would be more creative than just a ponytail for school, so I did my own little twist on milkmaid plaits to make them a little more interesting.

If you don't know already milkmaid plaits are so easy to do, divide your hair into 2, plait the two sections, then pin the plaits onto the top of your head :) All I did was put two little plaits in the front and then pin them into the style. There you go, one super easy hair style which look super cute!
Thanks for popping over!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Transitional OOTD

Hello! This is just a couple of quick photos I took of my outfit just before bed, the outfit definetly edges of the summery side of things, but the shirt thrown over, deals with the cooler air especially in the evenings now. However today and tomorrow are set to be beautiful days summer has not quite left us yet :)

silly pose alert! just noticed my lips are the same colour as my wall :L
The dress is actually a charity shop find, originally from Topshop. With the navy blue, and the stripes really play of the nautical theme which is always associated with summer. I love the contrast of colour and pattern with the shirt.

To finish the outfit off I popped on my brogues which don't get enough love, mainly because I get a bit stuck on how to style them - any help is welcome!

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Thanks for popping by


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

10 things I want to do this autumn/winter

Hello! I said in my post on Sunday I would do a post like this where I say what I would like to get done this autumn winter I've put this as one as it all kinda meshes together!

pic from pinterest!

I would like to start by saying I'm a summer gal, and I am kinda gutted its got to this time of year as I have friends going of to places like Edinburgh, Nottingham, Hertfordshire and London for Uni so its extra sad, that come the end of this month they'll all be gone!

1. Get back into baking.

2. Try and go out more, i'm going to be 19 not 90!

3. Buy a new Winter coat

4. Upload a youtube video

5. Improve my flexibility for dancing, if you know anything about flexibility you'll know that its not easiest in summer months but pardon the phrase yolo.
6. Get my ucas application of ASAP, but make sure its good!
7. Be more organised when it comes to Christmas .... gahh I don't want to think about that!
8. Do more outfit posts!
9. Linked to the last point, keep my room tidy for once in my life!
10. Go and visit people in uni land.
thanks for popping by!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Summer where did that go?

Hello! So its September, my birth month! But where did summer go? Like fo realz? It was so great and I don't want to go back to school and work hard, so today I'm gonna look back at what happened....

photos from my phone

A while back I did a list of '10 things i want to do this summer' so lets check back in a see what i've done!

I managed to do 5 of the things on my list, and one half heartedly

1. Top of my list was to go to the beach, we went quite abit in Cornwall, and the other week my Mum and I headed to Sheringham! I am sad I didn't get to go with my friends, but you can't have it all can you?

2 Was to go to London, as  you'll probably know Harriet and I went on the 20th August, we shopped lots and saw Wicked, which i really should stop banging on about.

Number 3 was to have drinks in the summer sunshine, which involved bottles of fruity cider at my local pub.

This year Harriet and I had planned to go on a long bikeride to her grans into the countryside but this didn't come off unfortunately, there's always next year I guess. We had also planned to go up to York, but my lack of money ruined this plan :( I wanted to discover new things in my town, but I stuck to what I knew which is the easy option. The little kid inside me really wanted to go to the zoo, but I guess I just ran out of time!!

I really wanted to go out for meals this summer, I might have stuck to giraffe for two of my meals oops, but last night I braved wagamama's lets say that wasn't a success....

I also wanted to go swimming, luckily my friend rented out a private pool and I got to go a couple of times, without the nuisance of the general public hehe :)

My half hearted attempted was I wanted to learn to surf, but instead I stuck to the body board, which to be fair I've never done before either :)

I think my next post will be things for autumn/winter maybe!?
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