Sunday, 1 September 2013

Summer where did that go?

Hello! So its September, my birth month! But where did summer go? Like fo realz? It was so great and I don't want to go back to school and work hard, so today I'm gonna look back at what happened....

photos from my phone

A while back I did a list of '10 things i want to do this summer' so lets check back in a see what i've done!

I managed to do 5 of the things on my list, and one half heartedly

1. Top of my list was to go to the beach, we went quite abit in Cornwall, and the other week my Mum and I headed to Sheringham! I am sad I didn't get to go with my friends, but you can't have it all can you?

2 Was to go to London, as  you'll probably know Harriet and I went on the 20th August, we shopped lots and saw Wicked, which i really should stop banging on about.

Number 3 was to have drinks in the summer sunshine, which involved bottles of fruity cider at my local pub.

This year Harriet and I had planned to go on a long bikeride to her grans into the countryside but this didn't come off unfortunately, there's always next year I guess. We had also planned to go up to York, but my lack of money ruined this plan :( I wanted to discover new things in my town, but I stuck to what I knew which is the easy option. The little kid inside me really wanted to go to the zoo, but I guess I just ran out of time!!

I really wanted to go out for meals this summer, I might have stuck to giraffe for two of my meals oops, but last night I braved wagamama's lets say that wasn't a success....

I also wanted to go swimming, luckily my friend rented out a private pool and I got to go a couple of times, without the nuisance of the general public hehe :)

My half hearted attempted was I wanted to learn to surf, but instead I stuck to the body board, which to be fair I've never done before either :)

I think my next post will be things for autumn/winter maybe!?
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