Saturday, 14 September 2013

Clothing and random gifts

Hello! So as I write this its my birthday, I am 19 years old whaaaat!?!? So I thought I'd show you a few things which I received as you might be interested :) I expect that my new clothes will soon be appearing in outfit posts!

 T-shirt Zara
 you can guess where the leggings are from I think!
Blazer from Zara!
why do I have 5 giraffes I hear you call? well because I had my birthday meal at giraffe, and they gave some to the table, then Harriet took the pink one which I wanted, but the lovely staff gave me one in each colour hehe!
I have got some other birthday posts coming, I also have a school advice type post would that be of any interest to anyone?
Thanks for popping by!


  1. i've been looking for blazer like that for ages !! look ace!!!!!

  2. Do the giraffes stand up on their own?

  3. Where are those leggings from, I didn't get your joke :/

    1. they're from jack wills :) it said on the waistband :)