Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Baking gifts

Hello again! I was going to put this in the random category but I thought it deserved its own little post. If you have been following my blog you'll know a) I like to bake and b) i'm a massive Great British Bake Off fan. Most of these gifts were give to me by Harriet apart from one.

This is the box which everything came in, with lots of pictures on it of us!

okay where to start?? doilies perfect for presentation, piping bags, a wooden spoon set with pastel handles, 'K' cookie cutter, pretty cupcake cases and most importantly glitter of the edible variety!!! 
Now for the star that outshines all the other stars the latest great British. bake off recipe book I'm already looking forward to making a couple of things such as the Chocolate and Raspberry Pavlova which sounds delicious omg!

 Hope you enjoyed this post, hopefully I'll be using everything really soon!


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