Sunday, 24 December 2017

Favourite Blogposts of 2017

Hello, now what we are truly heading towards the round up of 2017, I thought I would take the opportunity to talk about some of my favourite posts I have written this year.

Let's Talk Cruelty Free Beauty
This post was something I am hugely passionate about, I briefly chat about my feelings on animal testing, tell you what cruelty free make up I use and give you an opportunity to sign the Body Shop's petition. It's my most read post of they year, but I urge you to go and read it if you haven't already.

What I wear to work - December
My favourite series I have started on my blog this year, the concept is super simple and I love looking back on what I've worn throughout the year.

Stationery Haul
I love stationery, and this post contains one of my favourite flat lays of the year, plus it was an opportunity to share my favourite places for purchasing stationery.

The General Election 2017
I believe that know matter the size of your platform, if you believe in something it is your responsibility to speak out in some way. It is a post I will return to every time we have an election, it is extremely important that young people have a say in our future and are politically active, rather than just complaining about the way things are!

Beauty and the Beast... A Few Thoughts
This was one of the most talked about films of early 2017, I must say I loved it and felt compared to write down all my thoughts on it pretty much straightaway.

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Norwich at Christmas 🎄

One thing Norwich excels at is looking festive I really must say. So a couple of times over the last few weeks I have gone round snapping all the pretty lights!

The first stop on my walk was the Assembly House.

The next place was the light tunnel, lets face it do you really live in Norwich if you haven't taken 93 pictures of the tunnel?

City Hall

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Saturday, 23 December 2017

2018 Bullet Journal Set Up 🎄

Hello! Today I am showing you my bullet journal set up for 2018. Firstly I have 2, one for work only and my second I'm showing you today is my home one which can be a bit scrap booky, creative or just random to do lists depending on what I need from it at the time. I am not starting in a new journal just continuing on from where I am!

Year at a glance.. this set up takes so long. But I really like referencing to it, throughout the year.

Next I have done a couple of pages that I can just keep referring to throughout the year.

New Year's Resolutions. Currently empty, as I haven't thought about them yet!
Book Tracker. The second half of this year I just have not read, really at all. I'm hoping this will encourage and motivate me.

Films to Watch, I am one of those people who seemingly doesn't watch films and never know film references. Any suggestions of what I should watch - let me know!
Birthdays, this will be full of friends and family once I get round to filling out the page.

I will be setting up for January at some point next week.

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Friday, 22 December 2017

December Favourites 🎄

Hello, I cannot believe how we are speeding through December in the run up to Christmas. Its been quite a full on month, so I've had a few firm favourites, these are my highlights!

You Make It Feel Like Christmas

On principle I don't normally like new Christmas songs and stick to the classics sung by Michael Buble. However I have had this song on repeat throughout the month, annoying my family to the max. This song just makes me so happy and quite frankly you can't not dance when you listen to this.

Gold Blazer
I bought this at the start of the month, and I am obsessed! Its such a statement piece, but its so easy to style with many different things. You can put it on with a monochrome outfit, or you can go all out and style it with glitter, sequins and colours.

The Velvet Jumpsuit
Another piece of sassy velvet clothing, I really can't help myself!! This has definite 70's vibes it can be dressed up or dressed down. It looked weird on the website, I took a risk and I am extremely glad I did.

Paddington 2
I was dubious about a Paddington sequel as I felt this first one was perfect. However this one was all I hoped and more. It had that cosy British film feel, Hugh Grant was absolutely spot on, and the narrative was great.

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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Festive Make Up 🎄

Hello, I have not shared a makeup look I have been loving for a long ole while now. My go to look for the festive season is a bold lip and a shimmery gold eye. Simple, not hugely original but I love it!

Make Up Used...
Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation, Collection Concealer, Mary Lou Manizer, Soap and Glory Solar Powder, Tarte Tarlette in Bloom (Funny Girl)

Earrings Topshop

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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Closet Confidential 🎄

Hello, this autumn/winter as you can probably tell I am more into style than I have been for quite along time, so I thought this was the perfect time to do the Closet Confidential tag. This post contains some new and some old photos that have previously featured on the blog!

1.   What is the oldest item in your wardrobe? This grey jumper featured in the picture. It was my Nan's and I love it dearly!

2.   What is the newest item in your wardrobe? My gorgeous gold blazer I cannot get enough of!

3.   What is the most expensive item in your wardrobe? All Saints Leather Jacket

4.   What is the cheapest item in your wardrobe that you use a lot? Primark Pink Shoes

5.   What is the biggest bargain in your wardrobe? Jack Wills Shirt via Ebay

6.   What was the biggest waste of money in your wardrobe? Zara Blazer (I just don't wear it and that makes me so sad!)

7.   What are your 3 favourite items right now? The Gold Blazer (see above), Doc Martens, Purple Jumpsuit

8.   What is the most colourful item in your wardrobe? Yellow Jumper

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Sunday, 17 December 2017

2017 New Years Resolution Catch Up 🎄

Hello, today we are chatting this years resolutions and whether I have managed to keep to them or not! See the original post here.

The first on my list was to see more theatre. This year I have seen more than I have ever seen within one year for sure. Highlights include Yank!, Jane Eyre and La Cage Aux Folles. I have gone to such a variety from fringe to big west end hits. ✔︎

Here are some of my favourite stagey posts from this year:
An American in Paris | Theatre Review
Edinburgh Fringe #1
The Addams Family | Theatre Review

Secondly was to improve my work life balance. Again this is something I have actually achieved. When I was writing my resolutions posts back in January, I was juggling two jobs working over 50 hours a week, which is frankly silly. In May I left one of my jobs and am now working sensible hours. ✔︎ Friends wise I think I have seen more of them in the latter half of the year. back in November I gathered my stagey friends together to go and watch Hedda Gabler, it was such a freaking nice evening. I have also got my foot back in the amateur dramatic waters, something I was really missing being a part of my life. Now I'm currently in rehearsals for Top Hat. ✔︎

I have been saying for years I would like to get more piercings, but I have left it too late. As Top Hat is very close to opening I can't have fresh piercings for a production set in the 1930's. Maybe that is something for February. ✗

Exercise more, that cliche resolution everyone fails at. This year that includes me. I have just got entirely bored of the gym. In 2018 I'm planning to take up a dance class and take advantage of any one of workshops that come up. ✗

And that is how I did with this years resolutions. Its time to get my thinking cap on for next years.

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Saturday, 16 December 2017

Sleeping Beauty - Norwich Theatre Royal Panto | Theatre Review 🎄

Hello! Is there anything better than a family pantomime? Oh no there isn't! Bringing back fond childhood memories, and bring new people into the theatre for the first time. Norwich Theatre Royal's Sleeping Beauty had everything arguably required from a panto; a 'messy' scene, a ghost routine, romance, an Eastenders actor and not forgetting a sheet song.

Set 100 years ago in the village Norbridge, Patience our Sleeping Beauty (Elizabeth Carter) is unaware she is a princess under a curse, has been brought up with her "twin" brother Muddles (Ben Langley), by her "Mum" Mrs Midges (Richard Gauntlett). The story unfolds on the eve of her 18th birthday, when Aunt Vipera, the serpent who cursed Patience returns to town.

Sleeping Beauty had some absolute banging tunes throughout a bit of Madness (still in my head!!), Bruno Mars and Elton John, but not forgetting 'There's a worm at the bottom of my garden' a pantomime classic for sure. There was great slap stick, vaudevillian moments from Ben and Richard, slick choreography, and enough laughs to wave a stick at!

I know people say this all the time about pantos BUT this really is for all the family, the writing caters for ages 4 to 94+. It's on until 14th January, it will be well worth your time!

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Friday, 15 December 2017

Christmas Room Touches 🎄

Hello, so you've already seen my Christmas Tree that I am still obsessed with. I'm sitting next to it right now and it actually smells divine. Today I am going to show you the my decor in my bedroom, as the festivity just has to be shared out.


I have put some tinsel out in various places, my bed, with my advent calendars and even with my cacti collection.

I also was have candles in my room (you have to if you blog fyi 😉). To make my collection for festive I have this cute heart advent candle from Tiger, and a divine Christmas Scented on from TK Maxx.

My Mini Tree

I bought this tree last year from Waitrose, and popped it outside and repotted it so I could use it again. This time I have put on these adorable miniature baubles from Paperchase and I love how it looks.

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Thursday, 14 December 2017

What I wear to Work - December 🎄

Hello, welcome to my final what I wear to work post for the year. Quite a lot of the items are old, but I will link what I can. The stand out item is my gold blazer, its from Topshop and is only available in a couple of stores.

Tuesday 5th December
Jumper and Jumpsuit Topshop (old), Trainers Nike

Thursday 7th December
Blazer, Trousers, Loafers (similar) Topshop, Jumper Marks and Spencer

Saturday 9th December
Turtleneck Primark, Jumper Jack Wills, Trousers and Boots Topshop

Tuesday 12th December
Jumpsuit Monki, Doc Martens, Hat Topshop

Wednesday 13th December
Jeans and Jumper (old) Topshop, Doc Martens, Scarf Primark

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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

My Top 5 Shows of 2017

Hello, this probably the hardest post I will write this year. I have decided to talk through my top 5 shows I have seen this year. I've seen a fair few so this is going to be difficult.

5. Yank
Yank was a show that exceeded expectations. It had great songs and tap routines. However most importantly it told a story not really told in history classes, as it deals with the subject of gay men in the US army, whilst homosexuality was illegal. If this get puts on again, please go and see it.

4. La Cage Aux Folles
This was the first show I saw this year and it has stuck with me. John Partridge gave one of the strongest performances I have seen, and had proved hard to equal or better. Based on the french play with the same name, it follows a gay couple who own a drag nightclub. Drama ensues when their son, falls in love with a girl from a very conservative family. This has great songs including the classic I Am What I Am.

3. Matthew Bourne's The Red Shoes
Shockingly this was the first ever Matthew Bourne I had seen live on stage, and boy had I chosen a good one to start with. The dancing and the storytelling was beautiful, now Ashley Shaw who played Victoria Paige is just absolute goals. Based on the film with a stunning score by Bernard Herrmann.

2. Hedda Gabler
This for me is unexpectedly placing high on this list - I would not have expected that at the start of the year. I mainly went out of curiosity and because it was a National Theatre Production. As I said in my review 'The National Theatre's production left me completely awestruck. Hedda was masterfully played by the cover Cate Cammack on the night I went. '

Sitting in the Olivier Theatre at the National, getting the rare chance to see Follies on stage was special enough. I got a shiver down my spine as soon as Sondheim's magnificent score started to play. There were out standing performances from everyone in the cast. A song that will stay with me is Broadway Baby. See my in depth review here. On until 3rd of January.

And that's it!

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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Party Dress Wishlist 🎄

If Christmas/New Years isn't the time to rocking party dresses when is?! I have pulled together some of my favourites from across the internet.

Out with the girls

I feel like for going out with girls you can wear something a little bit more out there and interesting. So this is the exciting pink number I would go for.

A festive Dinner

This is my most casual dress. For a dinner, you want something with a bit of stretch which is comfy. The tartan is festive and would look perfect with a matte red lip and gold eyeshadow.


If you're stuck, you can never go wrong with a Little Black Dress. This one is such a classy shape, and the leather gives it more of an edgy vibe.

Fancy Party

Does the green not just scream festivities?! This is perfect for posher and fancy events, its classy AF.

Throwing a spanner in the works - the suit.
There are velvet suits all over the market and topshop have some great ones. However this paisley one from Monsoon has really caught my eye and I have been swooning over this. for quite sometime.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you tomorrow!
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Monday, 11 December 2017

Photos of Christmas Past 🎄

Hello! I last did a post like this on my birthday, since I loved putting it together I thought I would do the same this Christmas.

How was I so cute? A pair of red dungarees is a Christmas essential.

I don't think this was actually taken on Christmas day, but that snow suit is so cute!

This is my favourite Christmas day outfit - how utterly ADORABLE is that jumper, do they do that in an adult size please?

A baker from a young age, getting the Christmas cake to be perfect!

I feel like my pile of christmas presents has gotten smaller since this photo was taken...

My first phone, the beloved Sony Ericsson, a crucial moment in any millennials life!

Those are just a few photos of Christmas past, I love looking at them so so much.
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