Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wishlist #1

Okay so a little bit about my wishlist!

1.This is a lovely black skirt this style is really in at the moment, and I feel left out without one. But topshop seem to no longer stock it in my size, so it appears it will only ever be in my wishlist and never on to my 'have it' list.

2.I've been eyeing up these leggings for a while now, the only thing stopping me from getting them is the price, £28 is a little steep for leggings in my opinion, but it's Barbie so does that make the price okay?!?!

3.I wouldn't normally go for this kinda grey t-shirt, but it has the lyrics for one of the songs I am going to sing in my GRADE 7 singing exam 'If music be the food of Love' so that's kinda cool, well I think it is.

4. So this is currently on my 18th Birthday list which is in September, there's no harm in starting a list a bit early. If I did receive this, it would be the first perfume I've ever owned, which is INSANE!! How have I managed without one??