Monday, 29 April 2013

Midi skirt outfit!

Hello, this my first outfit post for a while. This is a skirt I featured in this outfit of the evening, but here is my take on a more casual look. I had meant to picture this a while back, so the items are no longer in stock, but I'm sure you can find similar ones!

Layered with a light weight shirt

Nice and cosy in a chunky knit cardie
Hope you enjoyed this post!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Relaxing Evening Routine

Hello! Today's post is essentially how I have a bath (nothing strange), stick with me.

Step by Step guide :)

I start by running a nice hot bath, and pour in a little Soap and Glory Calm One Calm All bubble bath.

Whilst it's running I pop down stairs to make a cup of peppermint tea (you could have wine if you're feeling extravagant, or water whatever floats your boat!)
When the bath is full. I turn off the ceiling lights, and turn on the mirror lights for a relaxing atmosphere! I grab the latest book I'm reading, and soak.

Aftter that, I get straight into products. I start by exfoliating with Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub,

I then wash that off with Original Source Vanilla Milk and Raspberry.

Then I clamber out of the bath, to get my Cath Kidston ducks bath towel.

I then work on my face!

I start with Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish (if I've worn make up, this would be step 1!) followed by the Simple Clear Skin exfoliating wash.

By now I should be dry, then I moisturise with Soap and Glory Smoothie Star, the smell is seriously divine, or if I want a bit of colour Dove Summer Glow.

I hope you liked this post!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

10 things I want to do this summer

Hello guys, I saw this recently on the lovely Paige's blog over at a Paige at a time. since quite a few of my friends are heading off to uni in September (bother going a year back) I thought I'd better make the most of them! so here's what i want to do...

(Olly our other cat)

1 go to the beach
2 go to London
3 go for drinks in the summer sunshine
4 bike rides
5 York trip
6 eat out
7 discover new places in my home town
8 go to the zoo
9 go swimming
10 learn to surf!

I hope you enjoyed this post , do you guys have any summer plans??


Sunday, 21 April 2013

Cute spring hairstyles!

Hello, the past couple of Sundays I have done spring hairstyle ideas, and since I enjoyed making these posts I thought I'd do the same this week as well! I hope you like :)

This hairstyle always reminds me of being a little girl, but I think it is still really chic, AND most importantly super easy! All you have to do is put your hair into 2 normal plaits, then pin them into position.

I love this style! This is a backwards french plait (i'm sure it has a proper name, but when plaiting you go under instead of over), then put into a low bun.

Previous posts:
A couple of spring hair ideas!
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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Nail polish collection!

Hello! It's official i'm on a spending ban!  So for a while I won't be able post any hauls for a while, and use my already existing wardrobe and my normal make up bits and pieces. Today i'm going to show you my nail polish collection. I just want to say I am a bit of a junkie, and I have been collecting for quite a while! Most are easy to get hold of in the UK. I'm going to write down the names, and link them to previous blog posts so you can see swatches and thoughts etc!


Not the most ideal, but they do the job. I am thinking about getting some Muji storage sorted at some point in the future.

BARRY M available from boots and superdrug

306, Magnetic Blue, Mint Green
150 (red glitter?), Satsuma, Magnetic Burgundy, PapayaRapberry 
Barry M is the bulk of my collection, it not too expensive at all! I don't have any complaints particularly about any of them!

OTHER BRANDS Most available from boots/superdrug, topshop polishes are from topshop, nails inc you can get at some boots' if not places like House of Fraser!
 Pink Manicure, St James, ?, Foxglove,?, Rapid Ruby, Oyster Pink
Late Show, Sunshine, Jack Frost, Clear, Celestial

After taking the pictures for this post I really think I should switch up what I wear abit more often!

Thank you for reading lovely people

Thursday, 18 April 2013

if i were a rich girl

Hello! From time to time I have days where I simply wish I could be rich, haven't we all though?? Anyways, this is what I would buy, if I had unlimited money for a shopping trip!


*also I'd probably buy a car or something*

I don't even want to try and guess how much this would cost all together, probably heading towards/over £2000, so I shan't think about it! I've literally just realised what a cute outfit this makes, if I ever stumble across some serious dosh I may just get this outfit!!

What is your favourite item from my list? Or are there any dream items you'd like to own?
As usual thank you so much for popping by!


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

No tights? what?

Hello, finally a nice warm day (if you ignored the blustry winds). My legs almost made a full appearance gosh! but I had to stick some long socks on, don't want to get carried away now do I ;)  It was a casual no make up kinda day so that would explain the non-existant close up of my face I sometimes like to do.

Clothing old, boots topshop

Hope you enjoyed todays post, thanks for popping by.


Sunday, 14 April 2013

A couple of spring hair ideas!

Hello, another hair post today. I don't know what is about spring, but I just love being creative with my hair! In my last post on hair I put a link to a good tutorial on how to do french plaits!

1. For this I've french plaited the front, the put that into a high pony, plaited that, then pinned it into a bun :)

2. In this hair style I jazzed up a simply french plaiting the front section then joined that into the normal plait.

Hope you've enjoyed this post!
Thanks for popping by.


Thursday, 11 April 2013

Spring OOTD 06/04/2013

Hey, this is abit delayed in upload, as I am brimming with ideas at the moment! On Saturday I went out for a meal wth my drama group - Our Fair Ladies. It was such a lovely sunny day, a little on the nippy side. We went to a local restaurant called Pinochio's the food was really yummy. Here's what I wore :)

Jacket, Dress (old) Topshop, Scarf Charity Shop, Bag Ebay, Bracelet Gran's

Folded pizza yummy!
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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Barry M Gelly Hi-shine Nail Paint

Hello again! Last week I went on a little shopping trip with my friend Harriet, and I bought two lovely colours from the Barry M Gelly Paint range, Papaya a lovely peach colour and Satsuma a more orangey coral colour!

The first thing I have to say they smell abit strange, it is probably just me, thoughts?!?  I love how the colour on the nails, they didn't apply too evenly on me, but overall I'm happy with them  as they are an inexpensive item!
Thanks for reading :)

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Spring Hair Idea :)

Hello, I just wanted to share this hairstyle with you, I've worn it a couple of times recently, and received lots of complements which is always lovely.

You'll need two thin hair bands (ideally the same colour!!) and lots of pins.

1.Divide your hair into two.

2. Start of by putting your hair into two french plaits, youtube video here, as I can't explain it in any easy form!

3. Bring them to the back of your head and arrange like so making sure the tails of the plaits are hidden! Um I hope you get the idea from this picture haha!

4. Then pin into place!

Did you enjoy this post? I'm hoping to put up some other hair do ideas up in the coming weeks!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Nellie the Elephant Packed her Trunk and said goodbye to the circus...

Hello, an outfit post today for you - please say you know the song ^ otherwise I might seem a little strange!

 Leggings Urban Outfitters, Top F21, Jacket Topshop, Boots and Scarf Old
This is one of my favourite outfits of the moment, and I keep meaning to share it but I'm very forgetful so only just got around to it!

Thursday, 4 April 2013


Hello lovely people! Today I'd like to share the love, for my newest internet addiction Pinterest (here's my link).

I started by pinning items from topshop which I liked and I just did that for quite a while, but now I love just browsing, liking and re-pinning pins - my main love at the moment appears to be Interiors, I really want to have a space to call my own, other than my bedroom! and Hair with it now being british summer time I am lusting over pastel hair, all different kinds of braids and super long hair!



Hope you liked this post! Do you have pinterest, what do you like looking at??

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

*April Wishlist*

Woah hello April, how'd you suddenly get here?? Can this year just slow down abit, I'm not in a hurry to get to exam season! Suppose it's time to show you guys what I'm lusting over at the moment.

2. Topshop Nail Polish - Flamingo Coral , Pool Party and Suffuse
1. Okay, so this is most defiantly Pixiwoos fault, as I loved Sam's look she made with this palette. On a side note it excites me that they're from Norwich as well!!
2. I'm getting to be quite a nail polish addict - although if you asked my Mum she'd say I already was... As you may have seen I'm a coral lover, and flamingo coral is a softer take on the colour, pool party I feel in love with straight away, Suffuse I think I might like to join the rose-gold bandwagon!
3. I love baking but... I still suck at making bread, I think this book could help nudge me in the right direction.
4. I saw Tanya Burr mention this in a recent video, and the colour looks gorgeous, and well if she likes it then it must be good :)
What are you lusting over at the moment?