Sunday, 14 April 2013

A couple of spring hair ideas!

Hello, another hair post today. I don't know what is about spring, but I just love being creative with my hair! In my last post on hair I put a link to a good tutorial on how to do french plaits!

1. For this I've french plaited the front, the put that into a high pony, plaited that, then pinned it into a bun :)

2. In this hair style I jazzed up a simply french plaiting the front section then joined that into the normal plait.

Hope you've enjoyed this post!
Thanks for popping by.



  1. Can you do my hair please :)

    1. haha I would love to, if i knew who you were :) x

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog lovely, these styles are beautifully - I love the first one especially! :-) xxx

  3. I love your top in the second photo!
    Where on earth did you get it?


  4. I've never been able to French plait :(
    I'm gonna check out the youtube link and really make an effort to learn so I can do this look! Its too cute not to try!!!!

    Thanks for letting me know about your fab hair tutes through #fblchat, keep them coming ;)

    Kylie x