Tuesday, 23 April 2013

10 things I want to do this summer

Hello guys, I saw this recently on the lovely Paige's blog over at a Paige at a time. since quite a few of my friends are heading off to uni in September (bother going a year back) I thought I'd better make the most of them! so here's what i want to do...

(Olly our other cat)

1 go to the beach
2 go to London
3 go for drinks in the summer sunshine
4 bike rides
5 York trip
6 eat out
7 discover new places in my home town
8 go to the zoo
9 go swimming
10 learn to surf!

I hope you enjoyed this post , do you guys have any summer plans??



  1. They sound perfect for sunmmer, I really want to go the zoo and the beach too! I really would love learning to surf, just need to have a holiday somewhere hot and near water! Are you near water? Thanks for mentioning me lovely - Paige xx

    1. you're welcome! I'm going to Cornwall for a week with the fam, so that's where I want to try surfing! xx

    2. I LOVE Cornwall, used to go every year for 2 weeks with my family and miss it so much. Used to body board but never surf! Take lots of pictures! xx

    3. you'll have to suggest some places to go, and I will looking forward to it! xx