Sunday, 7 April 2013

Spring Hair Idea :)

Hello, I just wanted to share this hairstyle with you, I've worn it a couple of times recently, and received lots of complements which is always lovely.

You'll need two thin hair bands (ideally the same colour!!) and lots of pins.

1.Divide your hair into two.

2. Start of by putting your hair into two french plaits, youtube video here, as I can't explain it in any easy form!

3. Bring them to the back of your head and arrange like so making sure the tails of the plaits are hidden! Um I hope you get the idea from this picture haha!

4. Then pin into place!

Did you enjoy this post? I'm hoping to put up some other hair do ideas up in the coming weeks!


  1. I love this, it looks hard but it seems quite simple! Have to have a try myself! Paige xo

  2. It's a really pretty hair do but I find it hard to do the fromnt plait bits, I need to get practising! x

  3. What are the best kind of pins to use? Do you have a preferred brand? xx ;)

    1. I use these from porselli but it doesn't matter as long as they're not flimsy :) xx

  4. I love this hairstyle but am basically incapable of doing my own hair..going to try this tomorrow morning though! Love your blog :)

  5. I love the braid look ;) Very natural and cute <3