Saturday, 20 April 2013

Nail polish collection!

Hello! It's official i'm on a spending ban!  So for a while I won't be able post any hauls for a while, and use my already existing wardrobe and my normal make up bits and pieces. Today i'm going to show you my nail polish collection. I just want to say I am a bit of a junkie, and I have been collecting for quite a while! Most are easy to get hold of in the UK. I'm going to write down the names, and link them to previous blog posts so you can see swatches and thoughts etc!


Not the most ideal, but they do the job. I am thinking about getting some Muji storage sorted at some point in the future.

BARRY M available from boots and superdrug

306, Magnetic Blue, Mint Green
150 (red glitter?), Satsuma, Magnetic Burgundy, PapayaRapberry 
Barry M is the bulk of my collection, it not too expensive at all! I don't have any complaints particularly about any of them!

OTHER BRANDS Most available from boots/superdrug, topshop polishes are from topshop, nails inc you can get at some boots' if not places like House of Fraser!
 Pink Manicure, St James, ?, Foxglove,?, Rapid Ruby, Oyster Pink
Late Show, Sunshine, Jack Frost, Clear, Celestial

After taking the pictures for this post I really think I should switch up what I wear abit more often!

Thank you for reading lovely people

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