Thursday, 7 August 2014

August Wishlist

Hello! Its August and I am dreaming off having more stuff to wear and use etc, but as usual I am severly lacking the funds to do so... shocking that. Here it is anyway :)

I have no idea why my background on this image isn't white grr

1. I have an extreme weakness for t-shirts specifically white t-shirts so naturally I was drawn to this, like a duck to water. So why should it take place in my wardobe of white t-shirts, I like my star sign and it looks cool! < the reasoning 'it looks cool' is what i use to justify every purchase, very bad I know.

2. STAND BACK and admire the beauty take a couple of seconds/minutes to take this top in, it is truly gorgeous and stunning. Its so floaty and delicate *angel voices* I have feelings towards this unexplained probably unnecessary feelings, but nevertheless I have them feels.

3. Did I mention I have a white t-shirt problem? I need some kind of therapy because I also have a white shoe obsession. *Multiple white trainers and some white sandals...* I think I can justify why I would like these. I need some heels which are more summery, white is summery and these are sandals, also summery. Plus they definitely I have a Jeffrey Campbell feel about them and are a fraction of the price. These also come in black if that is more your thing.

4. Pineapples are just in this year, and therefore so is this dress. I already have one pineapple dress from Zara but this one is totally different. Pineapples are just so fun and show you don't take life to seriously I just hope that this trend is still a trend next year! OMG its in the sale I just hope when I actually get some money that this is still available, I will keep you up to date!

Thanks for popping by!


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