Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Favourite Evening Outfits

Hello! As the weather is starting to pick up, I needed to do this post before it became irrelevant as these are some of my favourite outfits that I have worn when I've gone out in the evening time over the winter.

The Playsuit

This a more dressed down outfit for this playsuit so its good for going out for an evening meal, the brogues and long cardigan give this outfit a really nice vintage feel. This cardigan will be making loads of appearances on the blog over the year i'm sure as I love it soooo much!

The Velvet LBD

What makes this dress so great, its velvet and its a really flattering shape. I wore this on new years and to my friend's 18th ages ago. This how delayed this post is haha!!!

Thanks for popping by

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  1. I have the velvet dress too!
    Great minds think alike ;)
    Hope you're well!