Monday, 12 May 2014

Topshop Hayden Jeans

Hello! For a while I've been feeling the lack of Jeans in my wardrobe, hence in both my April and May wish list both featuring a pair. I decided to get the Hayden Jeans as they were something a bit different for me, as I have been so bored of wearing the same kind of thing all the time, wearing leggings and a tee was becoming tedious. If you are buying these bare in mind the leg length is very short usually my leg length is a 28 (petite) but due to the length (or lack off) I went for a 30 and as you can see they are still very much ankle grazers. Another thing if you are part of the big thigh clan like myself, it is 100% were sizing up from your usual size as there isn't much give in the denim like you find in jeans like the Joni and Leighs.

Look 1: The Blazer

I've had my Zara blazer for quite a while now, despite the fact I LOVE it to pieces I feel over dressed in it. I've wanted to pair it with jeans for quite some time now, but as I've mentioned I was lacking Jeans. I like how the blazer is so structured and formal and how it contrasts with the relaxed and edgy nature of the jeans.

Look 2:  The Cropped Jumper

The fact these are high waisted means its a perfect opportunity to rock either a crop top or jumper. Due to the not so warm temperatures in England it was the turn of the cropped jumper. I always think cream and this kinda blue denim goes well together. I paired the outfit with some old Brogues from Office to give it a sort of heritage feel.

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  1. wow i love the jeans the look amazing and i love the second outfit,