Saturday, 3 May 2014

May Wishlist

Hello! Now I don't know if its just me but when you have no money you seem to want the world and you just can't afford it and when you have money you could be spending you can't find anything online in the shops, and you're convinced that places are just hiding their good stuff, just to spite you when you're poor. Currently my financial situation is in tatters I owe people money and I can't pay them back SO naturally I just can find so many things I would like as you can see on my pinterest, here. But here are my top pics from what I've pinned recently...

1. So I might've have seen this in a haul by Sunbeamsjess a while back and had totally forgotten its existence untill I saw it my local Topshop, I swear mine just gets things in  delayed fashion from time to time which is annoying, Its totally different to anything I own and I think it would make a good edition to my wardrobe.

2. I don't know what is but I repeatedly find myself on the Asos kimono section, I just think they're effortless and so easy to chuck on over a really basic outfit and really just bump up the outfit to 'I didn't make an effort but I sure look like I did' thats a thing right?!

3. Hi my wardrobe is seriously lacking in the jeans department full stop. Ripped jeans are all over the shop right now and I want to jump onto the band wagon. They would look good with both the top and kimono.

4.Right now I just have an obsession with green lensed sunglasses whenever I'm in town I am on the hunt. In the ideal world I would have these or the Rayban Aviators because just because really. *world's worst reasoning ever*

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