Saturday, 17 May 2014

10 things I want to do this Summer

Hello! So I thought I would do one of these posts again, here is winters and last summers. I am aware these aren't hugely popular posts to read, but I like to do them to keep track of myself, and what I'm aiming to do. Enough chat now.
In no particular order!
1. Get a job - im taking a gap year and I want to earn some money to pay for drama school/uni.
2. Go to the Cat Café in London Town - this just sounds like my kind of heaven, and its necessary for my life I have decided.
3. Read more- I fall in and out of love with reading, but I have three books staring at me in my room waiting to be read.
4. Piercings - I've been wanting to get some more as I only have the standard ear lobe piercings, I deffo want my seconds done and I would really like so cartilage piercings as well.
5. Bike Rides - These are always highlights of my summer, the tradition must keep going strong!
6. Beach trips with my friends - I failed at this last year, I can't be letting that happen again.
7. Picnics - This could occur on 5 or 6 but I just think it would be so so cute.
8. Afternoon Tea - I love baking and I'm going to invite the gals over and we can dress nice and poshly and it will be fab!
9. Go to a dance class at Pineapple Dance Studios - Harriet did this a little while back, and now I am just desperate to go to a jazz class or something, especially since dancing will be shut over the summer.
10. Drive somewhere spontaneously for the day - Sometimes it just nice to drive to somewhere new and have a little explore!

What are your aims for the summer?

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