Sunday, 20 October 2013

Celeb Hairstyles #1 Cara Delevingne

Hello! I'm planning for this to be a continuing series..... first up I have Cara, she is the girl of the moment lets not lie, those brows and them cheek bones oh my.. who doesn't want to be her! Mostly she wears her hair with a middle parting, reletivly striaght and her beanie. But some times she rocks other styles which I have tried to copy for you guys!

style 1 - met ball 2013 punk plait
I love this hairstyle a lot, as I find plaits can give a super girly look, but by plaiting just one side gives a more edgy look, creating a faux undercut, which after searching for Cara D hairstyles is quite a common theme!
Here's my attempt
Unlike Cara I left my hair wavey as I don't like how my hair looks straight that much!
Style 2 -  DKNY Artworks London
Again this is another plaited style, this time though she has done a little something something to the classc French plait by dividing the hair into 3, then French plaiting each of the three sections before combining them together.

Here's my attempt (this didn't go brills :( )

start by plaiting like in the previous style

then do a normal French plait with the other section, and then add in the side plait as your last strand you add into the French plait!

If you have been inspired to try any of these hairstyles a little while back I did a post on how to French plait which you can refer to.

 Style 3 - Sleek Bun

My attempt....
you need : a hairbrush, some pins and a hair band

tie your hair back into a sleek high ponytail and pull two sections out

twist your ponytail

wrap round into a loose bun shape and pin securely !

Thanks for popping by!

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