Friday, 25 October 2013

Casual cosy ootd

Hello again! I feel like I haven't posted in a while, but it turns out last time was at the weekend... so not too bad I had planned for this to go up midweek, but my week has been filled with dance show deliriousness.. this post is hear now!

When I was taking the photos this was the view out of my window...

a) you can see why a cosy outfit was necessary
b) it was reaaaalllyyy hard to get a decent picture mehh

unfortunately non of this is available online - but they're are plenty of cropped cream jumpers and red scarves about!
On my feet which you can't see are some old tan 'biker' boots, I'm wearing the comfiest subtly leopard print harem pants from h&m from years ago, my mum's old grey waist coat, cropped jumper from primark which I mentioned in my primark haul and my red scarf. Gee was I comfy that day... I also have the same hairstyle I did in one of my last posts!
Thanks for popping by!

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