Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Autumnal Nail Polish Picks

Hello! I feel like I've been away for ages so apologies for that but all weekend I was stuck in bed with a cold, as I feeling a better but not better enough to put my face as it currently is on the blog I though I would show you my fave picks for nail polishes this season!

Barry M Raspberry and Rimmel Rapid Ruby
These are both dark reds my mum thinks they are basically the same colour, I thought they were pretty similar as I've never reallllyyy compared them that closely and just wearing them. But whilst thinking about this post I tested them both out on my thumb nail, and there is quite a bit of difference Rapid Ruby is a true red, and Raspberry had a lot more pink in than I originally thought! The lesson learnt is you obviously need 2 darkish reds in your collection.
Topshop Late Show, Barry M Capuccino, No7 43
Whilst I think darker reds are and obvious choice for autumn, I think purple shades can get over looked but I think go with pretty much anything you might be wearing. Late Show is an absolute true purple, Cappucino is on the taupey nudey side of things and because of that aspect is totally wearable with any colour.  Finally we have 43 which was one of the first nail polishes I ever bought with my own money when I was younger it leans towards the oxbloody side of purple and has a slight gold shimmer running through it - simply delightful AND it has kept for years and years #justsayin'
The Wild Card Picks
Topshop Awol, Barry M Shocking Pink
Awol is a new edition to the pack which has its own dedicated love letter post here, Cobalt blue has made its way into Autumn/Winter who knew?!? of course it doesn't matter what the season is necessarily but I'm so glad it won't just be me rocking this colour this time around! Thanks to a certain British Vogue shoot, with that relatively unknown model Cara Delevingne pink is huge this season, why not go all out and where a super bright pink nail polish like Shocking Pink, its really the only way to go I think.
On a cheeky side note if you enjoyed this post you might like to see my Nail Polish Collection post I did way back in April!
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