Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Wishlist #8 Forever 21

Ever since my last visit to London town (London Village as my Dad calls it) I have been desperate to go back to this shop,and be lusting over some of the items on the website.

1. I was scrolling through the earrings section on the website, then I saw these beauts. They reminded me of the cats ones on the Topshop website, which cost £7.50 and these cost just £.4.90 so they are clearly a winner.

2. At the moment there are tonnes of see through/lacy/cut-out tops about, any shop you go in. This is my favourite, as I think the cut-out daisies are so pretty, and it would lush with my coral vest on underneath.

3 .After trying on skirts such as this and this, it turns out my body is not designed to wear a short skater skirts, yes I am truly blessed (although I do have one which looks alright!). For skirts I'm having to go back to the bodycon, like I used to wear for school but not black. This number is very pretty, but its never gonna make up for the loss of the skater skirt.

4. You might have noticed in my Bags wishlist that I really like the colour of the sweater, and well what more is there to say??


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