Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Wishlist #12 Beauty

1. I have wanted this perfume since I first sprayed a sample in Boots and my Friend gave me a little (when I say little I mean tiny) bottle for my birthday, just to tease me I think. Please someone get a 50 ml version for me PLEASE!!

2. I'm a bit of a Soap and Glory fan (she says whilst only owning the bubble bath!!! but sshhh). I think I heard about this on someones youtube channel and they said that it smells like syrup.

3. This is the raved about Just Bitten Kissable lip balm/stain thangg, I think this would actually be a worthwhile purchase as I have really dry lips, so in theory it would give my lips the much need moisture and a  wee bit of colour.

4. Look at the packaging aaahhhh I don't care what colour I need a YSL lipstick in my life.

PS I am sorry I have been extremely lacking in my Posting, but last week I was Ill and I've got rehearsals for Two shows. Soon I'll be back properly!

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