Saturday, 5 December 2015

Typical Uni Outfit | Blogmas Day 5

Hello, today I thought I would post something a little more up to date.

In case any of you were interested in what I wear for uni, or if anyone out there is going to uni next year and just want to know what you could wear.

Some people make a lot of effort when going into Uni, even for the dreaded 9am lecture. The look I tend to go for is just rolled out of bed and comfortable, because I value those extra 20/30minutes in bed!

I'm not going to lie I look dang rough in these haha, and had to crop out my bedside table!
What exactly are you wearing you say? Well, I'm wearing my Strawberry Hat from River island ages ago, My Topshop Parka (now in the sale), A jumper you can't see, American Apparel Leggings, Asos Backpack, and White Mono Leather Converse.
If you want a super warm and cosy coat, this one is so fab. I am not aware of weather conditions, its like wearing a sleeping bag without looking like an idiot. In my opinion it is the perfect parka.
I hope you appreciate Mark Franko's Martha Graham in Love and War book I am holding in an attempt to look semi clever. Unfortunately for me, this is my life at the moment!
Thanks for popping by!

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