Tuesday, 8 December 2015

December Wishlist | Blogmas Day 8

Hello! I know Christmas is about giving and I love giving, but as a human being I would like things in return and I have a cheeky Christmas Wishlist on Pinterest... which is the world's most obvious way to give hints to my Mum, especially as I'm now away at uni. Plus Pinterest is great because it almost feels like shopping, an activity I can't really afford to partake in these days!

These are my top 3 pins atm.

Robot Pajama's
I really cannot explain how much of my time I spend in my pyjamas, its getting to the stage where I have a problem. My solution to this problem is to simply vary the pyjamas I am wearing. For example the Robot PJ bottoms pictured.

For me its either boots or trainers, I feel I look so weird in brogues, ballet flats - basically any kind of flat shoe. Also it is Christmas, and one thing I am abnormally attracted to over the festive period is SPARKLES. This why I think these boots are amazing AF!

2015 has been the year I got into Candles beforehand I had never really seen the point, but I was naive. Not only do they make your room smell fab, they really add to a cosy ambience, especially if you are cuddled up in bed with a book, its starting to get dark, and its raining out side. Perfection.

Also these may give you inspiration for who you have presents to buy for!

Thanks for popping by!

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