Thursday, 10 December 2015

Kensington Palace Christmas | Day 10

Hello! On Saturday my mumma came down to see me and we visited Kensington Palace. Warning this is fairly picture heavy wooooo.

The main purpose of the visit was to hear a talk about Victorian Pantomime's and the birth of pantomime. As you may know Panto is a love of mine... quick throw back to Cinderella last year...

I did Theatre Studies at A-Level so there wasn't a tonne of new information but it was nice to refresh the memories. The lady doing the presentation was so passionate and the time whizzed by!

First of all the Christmassy bits

They really had gone to town on the Christmas decorations and as a Christmas fanatic I really appreciated the decor, hopefully it gave my mum some inspiration for home as I won't be able to help this year!

My favourite part was the Fashion section which had dresses worn in the 50's,60's and 70's by Queen Elizabeth and her Sister, it also had Diana's dresses from the 80's which I was less bothered about (being to young for the Diana hype). As well as their clothes on the walls were old vogue front covers which I loved.

I think my mum's favourite part was definitely looking round the Palace looking at the other mini exhibitions. My favourite "history" part was the playroom/nursery in the 'Queen Victoria revealed' exhibition which I totally forgot to photograph, looking at the old fashioned toys.

One of things I noticed, which is really obvious once I thought about it was that the stairs in the 'Queen's Quarters' were much less steep than in the 'Kings Quarters'. I was like that's weird!? But then if you think about it ladies had to wear long heavy gowns and steep stairs would quite frankly be a nightmare to walk down in a graceful manner as a Queen should!

The grounds were so, gorgeous and when it is warm again would be a really nice place for a picnic!

Finally I have to give a shout out to THE BEST TOILET SIGNS EVER!!

Thanks for popping by!

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