Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time | Blogmas Day 2


This is the best play I have ever seen. Now as you may know I'm a little musical theatre girl, and often when I see a play I feel there is something missing, and it could easily be broken up by a bit of song and dance.

However Curious changed all that. Before going to watch it I knew it would be good. The theatre I work in back at home had the touring cars in, and I could' watch it because all the tickets were sold (not a surprise), I was well and truly gutted. Knowing I was moving to London, I made it my mission to see it in the West End.

With the discovery of day tickets, Catherine (my flatmate) and I headed out way too early in the morning to the Gielgud to queue up for tickets. For £15 our early morning was rewarded with two tickets for the second row in the stalls. Conclusion: DAY TICKETS ARE AMAZING!!

First of all a very brief summary of what the play is about. If you went to school in the UK, chances are you know the story.. The main character is Christopher Boone, he is 15 and he as Asperger's, which in his case means he finds social interaction difficult, especially in busy places. He has no understanding of metaphors and is extremely bright. He discovers his neighbour's dog has been killed, gets the blame, then goes on a detective mission to discover who indeed killed the dog.

This play was truly astonishing. I have seen nothing like it,ever, and it went straight to the the top of my list of productions I have ever seen for emotional impact. I loved the set design, it would have been very easy/obvious to do a naturalistic set e.g. a house, a street etc. Instead the staging was very minimal and futuristic. It represented the way Christopher's brain works, so we could understand how he felt in situations, because as a "normal" person, it can be difficult. I really felt I was with him every throughout.

I liked the use of physical theatre (some parts almost looked liked dance), the use of narration, the occasional breaking of the fourth wall, the performances by all the actors was so powerful. Aaaah I really cannot explain how good this play is. All the reviews you read online can give you an idea, but your will never really know, unless you go and see it. I found myself properly laughing out loud in moments and in others I found myself bawling tears.

As a summary I insist you go and watch this play, immediately.

Thanks for popping by!

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