Friday, 24 August 2012

Recent Purchases

I haven't had too much money this holiday (been spending it on driving lessons mehh), But I have managed to get a few bits and bobs, without spending too much!!!

My first couple of items are these socks from New Look, there were so many different options to go for. As you can see on my chosen socks left to right, cute lamb with button for a nose, hedgehogs and penguins. These are 3 for £4, which is half of topshop's offer 3 for £8 so obviously they are alot cheaper, and I am praying that these beauts don't show the price difference!!

Next up are some cute hooks from a cute shop called Creativity in Sheringham. Once my Dad puts them up, I will use them to hang necklaces from. I think they were something like £7.50 so fairly good value there.

Finally are these lovely earrings from accessorize (Gems, Hearts). As my friends will know I recently got my ears pierced, or as my brother calls them holes in your ears. I have been waiting ssoo long to get them done. Naturally I was desperate to buy some earrings.

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